Introducing Molly McCann

About Molly

Molly is a professional MMA fighter, fighting out of Ippon Gym in Bournemouth and hailing from Liverpool. Molly has a rich background in Amateur boxing, honing her skills in the legendary Golden Gloves amateur boxing club in Liverpool & winning the National Amateur Boxing Association Championships in 2009 (one of the most prestigious titles in boxing). Molly now boasts an impressive boxing record of 17 straight wins.

The sport of mixed martial arts caught Molly’s eye when watching Ronda Rousey fight. The rest is history. Molly is now one of Britain’s hottest female MMA prospects. With a solid MMA record of 6 wins and 1 loss, Molly has fought on some of the most well known MMA promotions in the world. These promotions include The Xtreme Fighting Championship. XFC is the largest independent MMA organization in the world. The promotion is based out of Grand Rapids MI, with offices in New York, Sáo Paulo, Miami & Buenos Aires. XFC is partnered with Terra TV, UOL & HBO; placing them in over 350 million homes. Molly has also fought on Europe’s premier MMA show, Cage Warrior Fighting Championships. Many of the biggest stars in MMA have made their name under the Cage Warriors banner, including Conor McGregor & Michael Bisping. Cages Warriors shows are aired on FightPass, (a kind of Netflix

for combat sports, owned by the UFC) reaching millions across the globe. Molly is also a regular on one of the UK’s fastest growing MMA promotions, Shock N Awe, who’s shows are aired live on pay per view. Molly currently holds Shock N Awe’s European Flyweight Title & defended it in October with a devastating KO. Molly’s latest win earned her the attention of Everton FC, who congratulated hern Twitter & the attention of The Liverpool Echo who published a story on her & uploaded her fight to their website. Molly is a complete mixed martial artist, not only exceling in boxing and MMA, but also Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Molly is currently a blue belt under the guidance of Jeff Lawson (past UFC contender and current European bronze medalist). In between MMA fights Molly regularly competes in Jiu Jitsu, last year winning gold at the Bournemouth BJJ Open.

Molly not only conducts herself as a champion in competition, but also in everyday life. Molly works as a coach at Ippon Gym, coaching boxing, Thai boxing & MMA. Many of Molly’s students have gone on to achieve their own goals under her tutelage. Molly also conducts weekly sessions for rehabilitating drug addicts & alcoholics. These sessions are not only a form of physical exercise, but also act as life lessons to people who are trying to find their way in life, learning new positive habits & rejecting old negative ones. Molly’s extravert personality & giving nature paired with her welltraveled passport (Molly has conducted training camps all over the world) has earned her a large & loyal fan base, ranging from her native Liverpool to Bournemouth, Brazil, the USA & beyond.

What’s Next

There is a busy year ahead with Molly’s next MMA fight due on November 26th on Shinobi (another top UK promotion). After this Molly will be eyeing up either a return to Cage warriors or showcasing her skills on Bellator, one of the worlds leading MMA promotions. Bellator is watched worldwide by over 500 million viewers on Spike TV. The UFC has recently added Molly’s weight division (flyweight) to their roster, making the ultimate goal of becoming a UFC fighter in touching distance. The future is looking bright! Molly is also making an appearance in the UFC next month in Belfast, when she corners her old team mate Amanda Bobby Cooper (2016 TUFF finalist).

Sponsorship Packages

Package A

A one off payment of £100, (or £100 worth of your product) in return you will have your company’s name/logo on Molly’s fight banner (fight banners are on display while the fight is announced as well as when the fight has finished & the decision is being announced). Fight banners are visible to the live crowd, aw well as the online & televised audience (possibly millions). You will also receive one post from each of Molly’s busy social media sites (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter) and your logo will also be displayed on Molly’s website.

Package B

A one off payment of £250 (or £250 worth of your product). In return you will receive your company’s name/logo on Molly’s fight banner, one post from each of Molly’s social media sites, your logo on Molly’s website & your company’s name/ logo printed on Molly’s fight kit. The fight kit is visible throughout the fight.

Package C

(the supplement/equipment package) – a donation of equipment or supplements from your business will guarantee you a mention on each of Molly’s social media platforms every time she uses the donated equipment/supplements. As well as this your logo/ company name will appear on Molly’s fight banner & website.

Package D

A consistent monthly payment (an amount agreed between yourself and Molly’s management). In return you will receive your company’s name/logo on the fight banner & fight kit for as long as you are making monthly payments. You will also receive consistent posts on Molly’s social media sites as well as mentions on any interviews Molly does (newspapers, internet sites, pre & post fight interviews & televised interviews). These perks will be adhered to for a long as you wish to make monthly payments.

Any money that Molly receives from sponsorship will go towards the costs of being an elite athlete (travel costs, equipment, nutrition).

If you don’t find any of our packages suitable then please do not hesitate to contact us so we can arrange something more to your liking. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

Molly is on the cusp of breaking into the UFC so it is vital that preparation for her upcoming fights is immaculate. We plan to leave no stone unturned! Here’s a link to one of Molly’s highlight reels, I’m sure you’ll enjoy!