War Room: Impeachment Radio/Podcast

Steve Bannon, Raheem Kassam, and Jason Miller have launched a daily radio hour called “War Room: Impeachment.” The three share news and provide analysis on the ongoing push by Democrats to undo the 2016 election. I cannot recommend this radio show/podcast enough. It is a great resource to stay up-to-speed on the twists and turns of this impeachment, and it energizes the base to critical action. In one of the earliest episodes, Bannon made the point that Republicans are not taking impeachment seriously enough. He is absolutely right.

Currently, both the majority of the Republican leadership and most Republican voters lack the zeal and drive to mount an aggressive defense of Trump. The reasons the two groups are detached are quite different.

For two years, we (the base) have watched the Democrats try to undo our electoral victory by pushing the Russian collusion narrative. Now that Mueller has killed that play (in more than one way), Democrats have turned to the next strategy–impeachment. The mood seems to be that this assault was inevitable, is ludicrous, and ultimately is something we just have to endure.

Republican leadership is quiet for a more troubling reason, primarily because they are more concerned about conserving their own power and reputations than defending the people’s choice for President. Donald Trump was not the Republican leadership favorite–you could say he hijacked the Party–and he is the most embattled President in U.S. history. It takes guts and real confidence in the clarity of one’s convictions to stand near that kind of lightning rod.

It really is up to the American people–those who elected Trump, new supporters converted by his successful record, and Americans who simply believe in self-government and fundamental American principles like due process and deference to the Constitution, to get involved. In tonight’s episode (ep. 23), Bannon, Raheem, and Miller name members of Congress who are bold–“killers” as they call them–and who need to join Jim Jordan on the House Intel Committee for the public hearings. These three members are Mark Meadows, Lee Zeldin, and Matt Gaetz. The action item from War Room tonight is to call Kevin McCarthy’s office (202-225-3121) and ask that these three members be placed on the committee.

Give War Room a listen, because it is time to kick into action.

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