Nov. 11 – Arizona Slipping Away; Georgia Recount; DOJ & FBI Betrayal

Eight days after the election, Arizona is still counting votes, but after the latest returns, it looks like Trump probably won’t be able to overtake Biden. I could be wrong. I’d be happy to be wrong tomorrow. But, it doesn’t look good.


Trump is still down by 11,635 after a recent group of results didn’t break where he needed them to.  Decision Desk moved Arizona fully blue. There are 18,514 provisional ballots outstanding and 24,748 total still out. The bulk still out are from Pima. The big question is how many provisional ballots end up actually counting, and I don’t know the answer to that. The numbers are tough. In my opinion, we really needed to win this cleanly, and although I am no election numbers expert, I don’t see that happening at this point. The final tally will still be razor thin, and it may be that once the lawsuits are sorted, Trump pulls it out. For tonight, it is certainly not the news we wanted.

It turns out that the Arizona recount law is much tougher than I thought it was. I don’t think that this race will trigger a recount, but according to Trump campaign official Boris Epshteyn, individual counties can do recounts. There are, of course, legal challenges ongoing in Arizona, including a suit in Maricopa called the “Don’t Touch the Green Button.” To me, it hardly sounds like a game-changer, but I haven’t looked at any of the filings. 

Snell & Wilmer, the largest firm representing the Trump campaign, withdraw as counsel today. According to Westlaw: “Two other large law firms that have represented the Trump campaign in election litigation, Jones Day and Porter Wright Morris & Arthur, have faced an onslaught of online criticism this week from critics who say the cases erode confidence in the democratic process, sparked by a Monday New York Times story focused on the firms’ roles.” Notice how the NYT is leveraging public opinion and criticism against Trump’s efforts–“erode confidence in the democratic process.” More on AZ litigation here.

Importantly, Dominion was used in Arizona. If we are right about Dominion, a lot of things will suddenly be in play.


Biden is up 14,056 in Georgia. The state announced today it would go to a hand recount, which it anticipates will take three weeks. Georgia’s Secretary of State (a Republican who believes the election results are accurate), said that the recount would be “an audit, a recount, and a re-canvas all at once,” which will “be a heavy lift.” To me, the key here is that the audit has to be super rigorous and carefully observed by pro-Trump supporters. Harmeet Dhillon said on Lou Dobbs tonight that the audit would “at a minimum, sample these ballots to verify their accuracy.” I’d like more details on what that means, but the minimum doesn’t sound great. Some election audits are more along the lines of making sure the machines work properly and, as Harmeet noted, sampling a few ballots for accuracy. I don’t think that will be good enough. We cannot win this fight using the traditional methods. The stats suggest that DeKalb and Fulton Counties had ballot dumps. The Republican Party should insist on an investigation of these two counties.  

Doug Collins, as I mentioned in an earlier post, is overseeing the recount in Georgia for the Trump campaign. He is a good guy, so let’s pray the audit is a rigorous one. The Republican Party in Georgia sounds like it is a hot mess right now, though. Talk about bad timing for an intra-party meltdown. 

Michigan & Wisconsin 

Wisconsin should have been ours, and currently about 20,557 votes separate Biden and Trump. If there was fraud there, which there pretty clearly was, I think this state could flip. In Michigan the deficit is much larger. Biden leads by 146,137. I haven’t tracked these two states closely, but given where we are in Arizona, I will start to dig into them tomorrow. 

If we can’t take Arizona—assuming we take Pennsylvania, which is the safest bet of 2020—we can still win with Georgia and Wisconsin. Both Georgia and Wisconsin have highly suspicious counties that have been tagged for likely fraud by the stats team. If we can prove it, we can flip them. 

Recalcitrance of the Bureaucracy 

I’d say the steepest part of this uphill battle, though, is the recalcitrance of federal law enforcement. The FBI and the DOJ are going to run out the clock on Trump. We know the FBI is corrupt and is doubtless desperate for Biden to win. A Trump second term would bring a sweeping wave of reform to the Bureau. As to DOJ, I recently was told by someone who knows, that DOJ is not moving with enough pep in the election fraud space. I am telling you, DOJ is tired of Trump, too. This should outrage every single American. These federal officials are either actively anti-Trump, or they don’t want to face the turbulence that will follow a red win. I don’t know what the exact solution is. Donald Trump should do whatever he needs to do to get the right people in the proper positions to make things happen. Attorney General Barr should move people around and assemble a loyal, committed, and driven team. If Barr won’t do that, Trump should fire him. I think Bill Barr is a wonderful, brilliant, patriotic man, and I’d fire him without blinking. This is an all-hands-on-deck constitutional crisis. Anyone dragging his or her feet needs to sit this one out.   

If the betrayal of the federal agencies isn’t sufficiently clear, listen to this short clip of James O’Keefe’s whistleblower. This man is trying to intimidate and shut this whistleblower down. Notice what the USPS Inspector General investigator is saying. He’s really saying no one wants this to become a scandal; no one wants Trump to successfully blow the corruption open. They want to “harness the storm,” and they want to “try to reel it back in before it gets really crazy.” The pressure to button this down, sweep the fraud under the rug and Trump out of the White House, and go back to business as usual, is beyond what you can imagine. The Left, the media, the federal bureaucracy, the President’s own agencies…they all want it to go away.   

Too many people you and I are counting on to do their duty and investigate this fraud are not on our side. That’s why I wrote this article, which was published at American Mind this evening: “Mr. President, Attack.” We have to support him, but he is commander-in-chief, only he can take on the bureaucracy on behalf of the American people.

A lot of this report probably feels discouraging, but as worried as we feel, they are even more afraid. As explained in my post this morning, Brennan is afraid. He wants Trump removed if he keeps digging, because Brennan knows if Trump keeps digging, he’ll find something. The USPS IG investigator in O’Keefe’s video was ordered to “harness the storm” and “reel it back in” because things will get crazy. But the reality is that the crazy they are worried about is Trump proving that the Democrats rigged the election. Arizona numbers tonight aren’t great, but if there was mass voter fraud, there is a path forward and we are duty bound to follow it. You are never allowed to give up on America…ever. 🙂 And we have the upper hand here, too, even if sometimes the opposition feel insurmountable. So, be hopeful, be energized, and press on!

Addendum after multiple messages of despair: if this post sounded too discouraged, scratch it up to my fatigue. Arizona hasn’t finished its count (I could be wrong–maybe Trump will win it tomorrow by 200 votes); Arizona has legal challenges that need to be sorted; Arizona has fraud issues. I am disappointed by the returns today, and I do want you to have a sense of urgency. But, don’t be discouraged. Let’s see what the final verdict is on Arizona and plot the course from there. We might be able to win Arizona back if we lose it, or we can just go ahead and get to 270 without them.


  1. Heidi Kubiak

    Thank you for fighting for us. We appreciate you.

    • A real uphill battle! Need bold action!

      • Thank you for the update Molly. We are firm in our faith and we know the outcome.
        We are fortunate to have you speaking truths. We will disseminate info you provide.

        Meanwhile get the rest you need as you are a vital resource.

        God bless

    • Glen Jones

      Thank you Molly! This is the biggest election ever. We fight the good fight with everything we got. Stick together. Never ever give up.

    • Floyd Wilkinson

      Thank you. This was very motivational 🙂

    • David Robertson

      Great to have someone of your caliber and character in the fight! Thanks for the report and words of encouragement! Patriots will stay in the fight until the end.

  2. Petty Thomas

    Great article 🇺🇸

    • Thank you so much, Molly! We appreciate you fighting for us and for our President!

  3. Sigh…this update was depressing, but I appreciate the truth and update as always. Thank you for your work!

  4. This sounds painstaking to report, but your efforts are appreciated.

  5. Molly, you are forgetting (overlooking) EO 13848. I suggest you read the notice continuing the State of National Emergency here… AND THE ORDER. This is going to be one hell of a Swamp Draining, and ANY link to foreign interference can be considered and Act of War, thereby draining this disgusting swamp with those complicit in the coup against Trump. I’m with Barr.. The Socialist Movement will make the attempt to overthrow whoever is deemed to take office and “Assistance was to come from overseas in the name of aiding America” CIA is brazen and Stupid, right out of their playbook. Trump will Fire Wray, Gen. Flynn will lead Defense NSA. This is all fluff until the 45th day, which puts us into December 19th. I know there is only so much most can handle, but an investigation into motive is clear. Trump sanctions China for egregious human rights violations and trade theft to the tune of $500Billion. Biden is compromised via Laptop/Burisma/China. What’s a few Billion through Actblue to fund BLM/ANTIFA/DEMS when you own the corruption and have the codes to the machines and back-doors to American Tech? What the rest of the world is watching is the spinning of the Drain, we can’t get to the Child Trafficking and other Demonic Stuff until we “Show the world the corruption” and how these Losers stay in Power while their citizens suffer and cities crumble. Once treason is known, the rest will all make sense.. I am here if anyone has any further questions—comments welcome – A. Patriot

    • Thank you, Patriot.

    • Was the EO only extended until Sept 2020?

    • Do you have any social media accounts I can follow? WWG1WGA

    • Thank You. I’ve done a lot of Research, trying to understand how we got here and why the Destruction in Democratic Cities have been allowed to continue! It’s part of their Playbook! I will read what you’ve posted here and see how it corresponds with what I’ve found!

    • Cuenda Cue

      We are grateful for your work and service!! 🙌🏼🙏🇺🇸

    • Michelle Walton

      Thank you for the information Patriot. It makes me so sad to admit this, but it sounds like Trump’s legal options are running out. (Particularly with the loss of Arizona and Georgia). The cartel can cheat and steal and get away with it and the law offers no real protection. The intermediaries are compromised. Is there any scenario here where Trump ends up as president?

    • Thank you for efforts and stay strong and persevere

  6. Could Trump just produce so much evidence of fraud via litigation and state investigations that the Electoral College might not be able to come to a decision and the matter be thrown into the House?

  7. Without being able to believe FOX anymore, I welcome your trusted information.

  8. Karen Swanson

    Ga is bought & pd for by Dems.. The Gov & SOS signed an agreement w Dems to not conduct real signature matching on mail in ballots which directly goes against the Legislature & Ga law. Senate race is for nothing! With no signature matching a blue wave of ballots will be in again from the same counties. Every citizen could vote red & the fraud would turn it to blue. There is no way Ga is a blue state. Election fraud & pd for Gov & other high officials.. that is what’s causing the Republican Party riff. Kemp is scum. I’m heart broken. I voted for that Judas.

    • Agreed

    • Have you reported this to the Powers That Be? Sen Doug Collins? Sen Kelly Loeffler? They’re preparing to do a Recount/Audit By Hand! It’s Not Too Late!

  9. Enjoy the take. Sometimes the truth isn’t always pleasant. Regardless, in the end God wins. Daniel 4 is instructive, esp vss 31-32.

  10. May Gods Bless You! Thank you for your hard work and honesty. We need more of your wisdom and tenacity.

  11. It’s not going to happen. Sad and depressing! So much evil in this world!

  12. Rhonda Murphy

    If the DOJ and the FBI are the ultimate cause of defeat, does President Trump have anyone to blame but himself? We have all seen the corruption and dragging of feet on multiple fronts from these agencies, yet still the same people lead them. Wray has been a joke from the beginning and Barr has been MIA. I pray people will have honor and do the right thing , but this is terribly discouraging. This isn’t just about Trump and this election. Most republicans I’ve talked to have said, “What’s the point of voting from now on.” The entire republic is at stake.

    • Matt Studd

      Spot on Rhonda.
      The FBI and the DOJ and likely the CIA Intelligence Agencies are the Establishment Swamp Creatures that have gone on unchecked for too long. President Trump can and should have changed the Leadership structure of these Agencies, but has been slow or ineffective in doing so. Yes he has many Swamp Criminals around him, but he has patted most of them on the back, while they are sticking their knives in his.

      America deserves an Honest, Transparent and Legitimate Election Process that produces Accurate and Verifiable Results. We Do Not have that currently, and if the Democrats get by with stealing this Election because of Trump’s unwillingness to cull the Swamp Creatures, this will ultimately harm Americans and our Constitutional Republic, more than harming Trump’s Presidency or personal gains.

      No one Person should ever be in position to surrender our Republic by INCOMPETENCE, or Willfully surrendering.

      Democrats are in over their heads right now, with an all or nothing game plan.
      If the Democrats succeed in this Election fraud and theft, there will be a flood of Illegals voting in all future Elections and Conservative or Republican Candidates will likely never win a future Election.

      Americans WILL Fight to restore the Rule of Law, with President Trump or inspite of him.

      God Bless America and may America Bless God Almighty!

  13. Good read. Like you said, let’s get PA, GA, and WI. Forget AZ if that’s the case.


  14. Molly, I have such deep gratitude for these posts. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  15. Molly, I really appreciate your updates here. Thank you very much.

  16. If President Trump doesn’t have a larger plan, we are screwed because he has picked some of the most anti- constitutional people to head his agencies. Most very disloyal. I can count on one hand the people I think aren’t shady. If the democrats succeed in stealing this election, then we either lay down or stand and fight. I prefer the latter. Live free or die. God bless America.

  17. Ugh. Not what I wanted hear. Definitely feeling discouraged again. There is a man on Twitter that analyzed the domino system which definitely shows lots of signs of fraud. He has tried reaching out to Rudy but not sure if they connected. His user name is @codemonkeyz (Ron). Please reach out to him as I believe he may be what we need.

  18. Thank you. I still have faith that we can win – that we can pull the blanket back and expose this for what it is …an attempt to steal AMERICA by ½ her OWN citizens in concert with globalist power hungry elites. I continue to pray

  19. Thank you for stating in the fight. We must all support Trump and call and write all lethargic state reps to lite the fire under them. Also Barr needs to swallow some spinach and act now and fast. Get rid of the dead wood Obama holdovers. He should know who they are. Haspel and Wray – gone – documents our for all of us to see – put Grenell in there to finish clean up.

  20. Thank you so much, Molly! We appreciate you fighting for us!

  21. Chris Malm

    Thank You Ms. McCann, for your informative and objective voice. Unfortunately, too many bureaucrats choose to collect a paycheck and wait out the retirement clock, rather than fight for the future of our country. Those that fight corruption face assaults on their character and threats to their person and family. Their choices are dismaying but understandable. Sunlight, transparency, and exposure are effective but difficult to reach the masses spoon-fed a constant diet of propaganda. After Huber, Haspel and Wray, I am less hopeful for Durham.
    Please know that your information and efforts are most appreciated.

  22. Molly, thanks for all you do! It’s not clear to me who on the Republican side feels they own the technical investigation of Dominion. That could crack the whole thing wide open in multiple states. If there is a place for DOJ to dig in, that might be it. Any insight?

  23. So grateful for this concise summary of the state of the race!

  24. Thank you for your insight, courage, and genuine devotion to our great country! Sure there’s always been corruption at play, but it’s the blatant and bold arrogance of pure evil right before our eyes that should bring us all to our knees in prayer! And then put on our spiritual armor and be strong in our faith! Thank you again, Ms McCann! You are a patriot and a ray of hope!

  25. Thank you for so many confirmations in the article, very nicely written.

    Surely, we the people are still in charge…How can our voice be heard? Is it too late to pressure Trump OURSELVES to remove Bill Barr and put in someone new? If we started a petition tonight, we could have a million votes by tomorrow night. The DOJ is a cesspool. We don’t care about optics, we can start a petition on that as well. Hell, we can turn DC into a rally for replacements. I’m desperate to take some type of action. Maybe these are too far fetched.

    I am praying throughout each day. We love her so much. She has and always will be worth dying for.

  26. Haspel, Barr and Wray all need to go TODAY! Fired! they are obstructing justice and the FBI, CIA and DOJ are utterly corrupt. Shut them ALL down. Start anew agency with Flynn as the head.

  27. Michael Belote

    Ms. MCCANN,
    Thank you for your courage and determination. I do not have Twitter or Facebook but wanted to pass along a video clip I saw on the internet, which I’m sure you all have; but I have not seen it in any other post.The link is as follows.

    It appears to show the software fraud switch taking place on national TV on the CNN running vote tally by state, with the President losing 19,958 votes exactly in Pennsylvania and Biden simultaneously picking up 19,958 votes.
    IMO, this is enough evidence for a reasonable person in authority to require further explanation of how that could logically happen.

    Please let me know someone there saw it and if there is an explanation. Also, let me know how to donate to the cost of continuing this fight.

    As disappointed as I would be, Our country would survive a Biden presidency, but my children and future grandchildren have no real future as a nation if this type of Treason is not confronted head on, no matter the cost.

    Keep fighting, never quit.
    Semper Fi, Do or Die.

    Michael D. Belote, CPA
    USMC Veteran

  28. If all this is true. The time is here for Civil war, other wise kiss the United States good bye forever. And I mean forever. The Republican’s will never hold power again. We will become a one party government. Then it will be time for Republican’s to hang.

    • It has to be started before Jan 20, decreed, as should we lose this election- Biden would be in charge of the military on that day.
      We have enough Commies in the Military upper echelons and higher ranks to make them dangerous.

  29. Love your work, Molly… But chin-up!
    A few points…

    Why isn’t the sharpie issue alone be enough to turn around Arizona? From what I saw, it largely happened in R counties. Do a manual recount of them, and I’d bet you have your margin of error.

    The voting machine discrepancy is another potential game changer!

    But to your bigger point about the Deep Swamp FBI & Fatigued DOJ. Why involve the FBI in ANYTHING at this stage, we know they are corrupt beyond repair. Call in the U.S. Marshals! They’ve been doing some great work in the last few months, let them clean up this mess!

  30. Krakenator

    President Trump was elected to drain the swamp. Wouldn’t it be ironic, if, in the hour of the swamps apparent victory, he exposed them all.

  31. President Trump was elected to drain the swamp. Wouldn’t it be ironic, if, in the hour of the swamp’s apparent victory, he exposed them all.

  32. So a foreign government congratulates biden on winning an election that has no official results. Why isn’t that foreign interference????

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