Democrats Do Drama – We Need to Stay Resolved, Disciplined, and Driven

Think about this election as having two tracks. Track I is the “regular” fraud. It is comprised of all the illegal conduct the democrats engaged in, from excluding poll watchers, to ballots materializing from unknown locations, to precincts not checking signatures as required by statute, to Democrats incentivizing voters with gas cards, and the sordid list goes on. Track II is the electronic fraud. It is the Dominion/foreign-intervention scheme that Sidney and some others are working to present proof of in court. Taken together, 2020 could be the most explosive election in U.S. history…if it isn’t already.

Drama isn’t a good thing when real work needs to be done. Drama is particularly problematic when work needs to be done under a time constraint, stress, or both. It should be avoided at all costs. It does baffle me to see so many smart and savvy political operators spending a significant amount of time and energy gossiping about Sidney, whether arguing with others about the likelihood she has the evidence she claims to have, or more recently wondering what is happening between Sidney and Rudy/Jenna. We are still in an all-hands-on-deck crisis here. If you think Sidney can’t follow through, fine. Analyzing and overanalyzing all your deliberation about Sidney’s likelihood of success is not productive. Focus your energy on Track I. 

Lots of people have said this, but I will repeat it for emphasis: technically, we can win the White House on Track I alone. So, if you don’t believe Sidney—or if you do, but other than donating to her legal efforts (donate here), there isn’t much you can do to help her—keep working on Track I. Track I needs a whole lot of help. We need to be explaining the fraud to the general public so the American people can understand the truth, we need to be calling and lobbying state legislators in the battleground states, we need to be putting pressure on Governor Kemp to follow through with his promise to undertake a rigorous audit in Georgia, and the list goes on. This election is still within our grasp if we keep pushing. 

If you have time to spend wondering about Rudy and Jenna and Sidney, that tells me you are not as engaged as you should be on the task at hand. There will be plenty of time to assess everyone and everything…later. 

Finally, don’t get caught up in the silly headlines that suggest that any kind of tension in the Trump team or amongst Trump allies is unusual and proof our efforts are spiraling. That’s ridiculous. If you buy into that, you need to take a breath and reflect on your own life and relationships and then re-read some history. Occasional tension among people is natural—from your own home to allied political figures throughout history. The people in the spotlight today are fighting a titanic battle to change the course of the election of the most powerful nation on earth. As with all choices in life, every strategic move they make is a choice to take one path and not another, and that choosing is often fraught with tension and with stress. Understand they all love America, they are all doing their best to save the Republic, and they are all doing just fine. I can say with certainty that I don’t know anyone more passionately committed to the pursuit of truth and justice—no matter the slings and arrows thrown her way—than Sidney Powell. Every struggle of this kind has bumps, even if history books gloss them over. 

The biggest problem here is how you, the public, will respond. It is critical that we all avoid the distraction of drama, stay calm and reasoned, and focus on whatever it is we can do to advance the mission. That’s all we have to do right now. This election is truly in our hands. We have the power to win if we want to—it is a matter of resolve, discipline, and drive.  

Tomorrow is a fresh Monday. Recommit to the fight cooly and with focus.      

Photo: Sunset on the Gunston Hall estate, the Virginia home of George Mason.


  1. Calm cool and collected. we are honest and want the world to be honest as well. we want our honest votes given to our candidates to count. We demand an honest election.!💕💓❤️💖💟💜💕💓❤️💖💟💜💓💕

    • Daniel Smith

      This past election is in the hands of those who love America.If millions show to the politicians that they wasn’t action on this file it will happen.Without the millions the House and the Courts will do nothing.This is simple Human Natire 101 and rests with the American people.

      • Barbara Cochran

        Resolve Patriots!
        We have a Republic to save!
        Keep fighting!

      • Jane Cunningham

        I pledge to email appropriate elected officials in swing states tomorrow. I have a number of email and phone contacts. Today I tweeted an encouragement and appreciation to Sidney and Lin and included Sidney’s website for donations to legal expenses.
        I have seen requests to send letters to the White House calling for an honest election outcome. I was told it is to use before the Supreme Court. Is this desired or a distraction?

    • #WWG1WGA.
      We. The. People.

      • Tracy Sharp

        Thank you. Our resolve to be supportive is unwavering. God Speed.

    • M J Boschung

      Sidney Powell – I’m so glad you are working on getting to the bottom of all this election corruption. We NEED PRESIDENT TRUMP FOR 4 MORE YEARS. I GREATLY APPRECIATE EVERYTHING YOU DO TO SHOW DONALD TRUMP INDEED WON THIS 2020 ELECTION.
      THANK YOU!!

    • Thank you for this wonderful article – much needed. We’re at war and we have to win. I’m fighting with my prayers everyday. I trust Sydney Powell and Rudy Giuliani and support them.

  2. Darlene Reddington has

    Thanks you put my mind at ease.

    • Perot Conservative

      We are with Sidney, Rudy, President Trump ^ the whole crew 100%!

      BTW, a close friend is a respected math PhD at a top-10 public university – and he was confirming these dramatic vote flips were impossible!

  3. Ginna Calhoun

    Made my donation as a small sign of my HUGE support for Sydney!!! God chose the strongest warrior and I’m grateful!
    Thank you!

  4. Darlene Reddington has

    Thank You

  5. Michele MacDonald

    Well said Molly!
    I appreciate your thoughtfulness and strength!

  6. Kevin Riggs

    Thanks for the encouraging words!
    I think the vast majority of Americans understand the scale of election fraud in 2020 was extraordinary, but it can be exposed and defeated. If there is one man who can win this fight, it’s President Trump.

  7. Sonda norton

    Awesome . I couldn’t have said it better. Time to fight and push forward.

  8. Awesome! On it. Appreciate all of your hard work.

    • Mo Ketrow

      Thank you for the encouraging words!
      We will defeat this evil. We have the best of the best fighting for the integrity of our elections.

  9. Rhonda G Dixon

    Clear heads and one foot in front of the other. This is a cause, above all, to remain focused. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved. God bless!

  10. One can only hope that you are right, and those that tried to steal the republic to socialism will realize not to tread on us, the American people. They should recede into the brush, hiding themselves from their treachery which shall not go unpublished. God Blessed America from sea to shiny sea.

  11. Charles Pinckney

    This is without a doubt a war. The critical battle of that war is on the very threshold of all Americans homes. It is my most fervent hope that all who see this clearly will stand in the breach alongside the President to protect our nation, our Constitution. It is also my fervent hope that the sheer gravity and magnitude of this war will be sufficient to give pause to those stridently opposed to our President. That they will recognize that any force so reliant on hatred and corruption truly is not their ally. Thank you for your post and the flame of hope that it has caused to burn larger and brighter for us all.

  12. Lea Newbold

    Illinois is the mother give of corruption. Our politicians lie as easily as they breath. When dissent occurs they demonize, slander and incarcerate the public. Prisident Lincoln weeps at the corruption and One World Order Democrats in charge. Pray harder Americans.

  13. Melissa Sprecher

    We are praying for you all, we stand with you all and are doing everything we can to support you in this fight!

    God bless you all and God bless America!

  14. Wonderful blog. Thank you 😄🇺🇲👍

    • If we allow the Democrats to steal this election, we may never win another election ever again. We will forever lose our voting rights.

  15. Mark Boyett

    Hi Molly,

    Very good analysis. I live in Texas so the legislators in the battle ground states will not listen to me if I call them. I will call my own. Other than donating is there anything else that the average American like myself can do to help along Track I?

  16. George Jennifer

    No link to donate.

  17. Amy Laney

    Thank you Molly. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you, Sydney, Rudy, Jenna and everyone who is coming forward. We understand the danger involved in exposing the corruption. Please know that we are behind you all. If there is anything that I can do to help, please reach out to me.

  18. What do we do when Scotus says they don’t want to hear the case?

  19. Molly,

    First I want to give GOD the Glory… regarding your mom’s positive news on her healing!

    And further, I wish to APPLAUD you and Sidney, doing what few would even consider plausible: You ARE restoring God’s Covenant Protection, by ALL that you are currently doing, to save this Blessed REPUBLIC.

    Most Respectfully,

    Bruce A. LeDoux

    @Brooster @thebrooster Twitter handle..

    A Grandpa of three, living in SoCal… a speck of Red in a horridly Blue State. God Bless and Sanctify your work!

    PS.. First saw you on Raheem’s show. National Pulse. You’re ALL in our prayers, nightly.

  20. Elaine Carr

    Thank you Molly, I really needed to hear that. It is so easy to get caught up in all the noise out there. They have been vicious to our President and us his supporters. It is tiring, but I take a step back and realize how hard he fights everyday, now you all are fighting not only for him but for our great country. Thank you all! We all need to be reminded we too must continue to fight. To give up would allow the left to destroy our democracy and get away with robbing 73 million Americans of fairness in our Elections so that we the people decide. Please keep us updated and if I can do anything to help I will. Thanks again for everything!

  21. Here’s a specific Track I fraud the grassroots need to force the fraudulent courts to address:

    (1) The original complaint is at and contains tons of detailed examples proving that fraud.

    (2) The fluff off “dismissal” by Matthew W. Brann at the U.S. District Court level is at:

    (3) Even though the original complaint cited numerous examples of verified voter fraud in action, that “judge” fluffed it off with “That has not happened. Instead, this Court has been presented with strained legal arguments without merit and speculative accusations, unpled in the operative
    complaint and unsupported by evidence,” which is an obvious lie.

    (4) Large numbers of grassroots need to be protesting to all of their elected representatives and to the fraudulent courts at all levels about this. It’s quite obvious this election is in the process of being stolen and that the United States is being targeted by an ongoing illegal attempted coup.

  22. Angeline Huck

    Wow….I couldn’t have said it better! You took my exact thoughts. I am thankful @genflynn posted this link or I might not have seen it.
    Amazing writing….I will be spreading this everywhere!!

  23. Missy Waggoner

    Touché Molly

  24. Philippians 3:14

    • Yes…” For God hath not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.” II Timothy 1:7

  25. Lou Cerrillo

    Molly your words and insights are spot on!
    Rounds are in target here…Thank you!

  26. We stand behind Sidney in her fight for we the ppl! Donating to her fund is one small thing we can do.
    We stand with the trump legal team & super important we stand with president Trump who we know is fighting everyday with all his power n might for our great country n her ppl. Can’t wait to hear the word Checkmate! N see him sworn in in 1/21/2021 God bless all patriots in this fight!

  27. Karen Baskin

    Fabulous big picture perspective. Thank you!

    • Ed Betterley

      Thanks very much for your calming, rational presence, Ms. Molly.

  28. Jackie Schroeder

    Thank you Molly. Great advice.

  29. Brian Cusack

    Its bothering me how little faith and loyalty exists among the conservative media

    I have turned off so many shows today

    It disgusts me

    Trump supporters stand with you and Sidney

    I see the comments and most feel the same

    Thanks for you hard are literally american heroes

  30. Joe German

    I don’t use Twitter or Facebook. Wish you could push headlines into my email. I’ll follow the links. Thanks Molly. I WILL NOT EVER ROLL OVER!

  31. Toomy Tudeski

    I am curious as to why the Republicans cannot prove anything then… If it is so obvious, then why are all the cases getting thrown out of court? Why are they claiming fraud in the media and not following it up in court? We need to get of the disinformation bandwagon here. If there is fraud, then prove it. If you have the proof, then show Trump’s lawyers, cause they obviously have no idea.

    • Liberal Judges ruled without ever asking to see evidence. Finally we are beginning to have Legislatures as well as judges as for evidence. Fight on!

  32. The tactics used in this election heist makes me think of the Lilliputians of Gulliver’s Travels, where President Trump is Gulliver. They used the shotgun approach and used so many different tactics that it has taken true warriors to tackle the myriad of issues that need to see the light of day. Thankfully we have real fighters, like President Trump, Mayor Rudy, Sydney Powell, Molly McCann, Lin Wood and many more. What we need to do as citizens is support them, pray for them, publicize them and most of all thank them. Fight on Patriots!

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