Mid-Day Update – Trump to Speak at 3:30pm

Ok, everyone. I am feeling positive and upbeat. It’s important to start with the truth: Trump won last night. We are in a titanic struggle with the left and the mainstream media—the entrenched, ruling elite—for control of our country. But, if we fight, we can hold on. It’s imperative that people stay positive and tell everyone you know to dump the major networks and follow the real numbers. Demand integrity from the system.   

Everyone on the ground is very positive about Arizona. It might be a squeaker, but we are looking at a win in Arizona. Maybe 20k votes, some people saying closer to 10k. But, Richard Baris predicted all last night, and the votes were coming in just as his polling said they would—late,  but strong, for Donald Trump. Spread that word! Arizona should be Trump’s! If we lose it, it will be because the Dems are stealing it as we speak. GOP leaders need to get crack attorneys down there ASAP. Sean Davis made this point (which Twitter censored) here:

The win in AZ is really important, because Arizona and Pennsylvania give Trump the presidency. So, what about Pennsylvania? We had a 600k lead last night that has tightened up to 500k. They are working overtime to steal the election over there. Again, we need aggressive legal action in PA to secure the vote. 

Late this morning, Baris was saying that the ballots being dumped in several key PA counties exceed turnout in the rest of the states. i.e., they are ballot stuffing. Trump’s legal team needs to be in Pennsylvania duking it out. 

Baris says very straightforwardly that the Dems will close the gap in southeast counties and then rely on Philly. We all think Philly will be where they cheat. Bannon says PA is “grim,” but we had such a big lead there, we might hold it.  

The Trump campaign is requesting a recount in Wisconsin where a strange surge for Biden has given him a 21,000-vote lead. I am also hearing that Wisconsin has more ballots counted right now than it has registered voters. Total insanity. 

Remember how the Democrats kept asking Trump to commit to a peaceful transition, and asking him if he’d relinquish the reins of power?  They want him to fold now, while their fake numbers make it look hopeless for the MAGA movement. He always said, he wouldn’t commit to certain defeat—not because he wants to steal an election, but because these discrepancies have to be battled out. He Dems are cheating, and we don’t have to roll over and take it. The old Republican party would fold. Trump’s new party needs to do what we do best—battle it out. 

My mom texted this to our family group thread, and I asked her permission to share it, because it is excellent. Her thoughts:

It’s Rich Baris’s mathematical analysis. He can go down into the results at the precinct level. The fact that his analysis, and others’, including the T campaign, is correct is proven by the key swing states stopping their counting last night. The Dems knew if they didn’t stop counting, they would have to call the election for T. Deliberately, the news reporting was terribly skewed so the American public would be discouraged. 
I want to emphasize an important point. People cannot be governed unless they assent to it in large numbers. So, discouraging the T base was a critical component of this vote fraud operation. 
If Rich Baris had been analyzing on Fox News last night (versus using Arnon Mishkin, a Dem who has supported Hillary and contributed thousands of $ to Dems including Obama) the T base would be energized today; the T base would be demanding a full and fair count. Americans would understand that T won and that there weren’t enough votes for B to win. B can only get away with declaring victory, and accusing T of violating the Constitution (it’s an ongoing coup) if the vast majority of the American public does not understand the fraud. 
It’s not isolated voting irregularities. It’s widespread fraud to disenfranchise the American public and deny a duly elected President his victory.
My advice for the average citizen is to listen to Rush.
If you really want to dig deep into the numbers, listen to War Room Pandemic especially when Rich Baris is on and follow Baris at @Peoples_pundit on Twitter.

One of the points she made above is a similar one to the point I have been making about the American mood. If the nation knew what the numbers really were last night—that Trump had won—the media and the Democrats would not have been able to set in motion this current play to steal the election. Or they’d almost certainly have to concede by this morning. Trump would already be the declared winner, and we’d be getting on with our week. The media, including Fox, lied to the American people last night, which is providing the air cover the Dems need to pull off their coup. Again, not saying that to discourage you, but that’s the straight forward truth.

Keep spreading the word, and don’t believe whatever Biden says in his afternoon news conference. I think he will declare victory, because that gives him momentum and they can continue the charade that Trump is obstructing the will of the people, when the opposite is the case. His needs to win the comms battle so it seems to the American people that he actually won the vote. Trump will be speaking from Philadelphia at 3:30pm. Tune in!  


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