Nov. 12 – State Suits

I started my day on the phone with my hosting provider upgrading after General Flynn’s morning tweet crashed the site. A happy problem—thank you General Flynn for the shout-out! 

Today was a good day for Team Trump. While Arizona stalls and stalls, I have taken a break from watching their tumbleweeds blow to consider some of the other states I believe Trump actually won and that could still provide us the path to victory.  


In Pennsylvania, Joe Biden leads Donald Trump by 52,140 votes. Today, Trump won a favorable ruling when a judge held that Secretary of State Kathy Bookckvar acted without authority when she extended the deadline to submit proof of identification on mail-in ballots. The result is that the ballots of voters who submitted proof of ID between the 10th and 12th—the three days Boockvar extended the deadline beyond the deadline specified in the state’s election law—cannot be counted. I do not know how may ballots are at play here, and I assume not that many. But it is a good starting point reaffirming the plenary authority of the legislature that will dovetail with some of Trump’s other complaints that are challenging large quantities of votes.  

Everyone knows PA will go to the Supreme Court. The million-dollar question, though, is what will the remedy be? I do not know the answer to that, but we need to be ready for the possibility that the Court kicks it back to the legislature to fix. If this is kicked back to the state, Pennsylvania people, you have to be ready. Get organized, and start stiffening the spines of your legislators, because if the 2020 election comes barreling down on them the pressure will be enormous.  


Michigan is getting very exciting. Biden is up in Michigan by 146,000 votes, and although this sounds daunting, the instances of illegal tabulation and fraud in Michigan are extraordinary. There are two very promising cases that are ongoing.

The first suit has actually been brought by a non-partisan organization in Michigan called the Great Lakes Justice Center. In the last few years, Michigan added a new constitutional provision that permits residents/voters to request an audit of any election. So, the Great Lakes Justice Center is requesting an independent audit.  Critically, it would be an audit of the results. This has been my constant fear when people say we should audit. Election audits are often just process audits that probably would not uncover the issues we believe are hiding in these counties. It is significant that this group is requesting a results audit, not a process audit. 

In addition, the Great Lakes Justice Center’s suit has equal protection claims, fraud, and so forth, and backed up by affidavits. You can read the filing here.   

Meanwhile, the campaign has a suit, too. Thor Hearne, a conservative attorney out of my own hometown, St. Louis, filed the complaint in Michigan on behalf of President Trump. This suit is seeking an injunction to stop certification statewide, and specifically in Wayne County, and for other relief. You can read the filing here

Both those suits are heavy hitters. I think we should have a lot of confidence in them. At least I do. To remind you, Trump is down by 145,000 votes, but there are around 850,000 ballots in Wayne County alone. We have a solid shot at Michigan…and it has 16 electoral votes. 


What is going on in Wisconsin? Biden is ahead by 20,557 in Wisconsin, yet there are, to my knowledge, no suits there. When a potential recount was first announced, Scott Walker immediately got on Twitter with a defeatist message that a recount was unlikely to change the outcome.   After speculation the campaign did not want to pay for the recount (approx. $3 million), Trump’s team has finally announced it will pursue the recount. I sing the same refrain, no matter the state—a recount is all but meaningless if you aren’t doing a results audit. Given the fraud we believe took place in Milwaukee, a thorough, results recount might be all we need, but I’d prefer some complementing litigation. I certainly am not getting energized vibes from Wisconsin.  


I will have an update on the recount tomorrow. 

As you may know, one of Trump’s suits in Georgia has already been dismissed. I have been concerned about the lack of legal action in Georgia, too, but Lin Wood is on the ground and reportedly planning to file suit soon. Hopefully more on that later. Georgia is critical. 


Arizona will have to overhaul its system after this election. Almost nothing came in today, and from the ballots that were reported, Biden extended his lead just a little. It is hard to look at Arizona, and the time it has taken the ballots to come in, and not feel suspicious. I’ll have a legal update on AZ tomorrow.

Finally, I was on Raheem Kassam’s National Pulse show today, starting around the 20:00 mark.

Yesterday was a little discouraging; today was a good day. I think we will have a number of these ups and downs before this is all over. The thought that keeps returning to me and energizing me is that Donald Trump won this election on November 3. After four years of optimism, economic growth, strong national defense, the American people chose four more years. We voted and we won, and while we were sleeping bad people stole that win from us. We can absolutely take it back. The more people energized and organized to do reclaim our country, the faster we will get there. Keep spreading the word that this is not over, and continue to demand that the GOP leadership support the President, because supporting Trump’s struggle is really fighting to vindicate the will of the people.

Header Photo: Storm Clouds Over Old World Wisconsin


  1. Thank you for the detailed progress update.

  2. Thank you for keeping us informed on the state of the election!

  3. Re Georgia, I believe a case is being put together on the known issues with dominion voting machines that drew heavy criticism from the State in June and whether these officials knowingly neglected the need to correct. There is evidence that dominion machines failed state wide and possibly the collection of data and interviews is the hold up.

  4. Christine Lester

    Too early in the morning, lol. Thank you for keeping us to date!

  5. Lara Dyke

    Thank you for continuing to be a light

  6. Reona McGee

    Thank you for keeping us in the know. God Bless.

    • Per Russell Ramsland, Allied Security, Dallas (He discovered “Voter Switching” fraud in 2018/9 in Dallas and Kentucky elections-Clarity Elections is the system used in 30 states, SYTYL is software and QSnatch is malicious code. Lt. Gen. Thomas McIrneny has conflicting statement saying only Dallas is connected to internet–Mr. Ramsland, not knowing about this statement had said it’s all over the internet and used widely. Please watch this detailed vid. Doing my part. God bless you, Miss Molly.

      • First 2:05 seconds are scenes of this last year leading up to the election.

  7. Thank you for a great update and hope.

  8. Thank you Molly for all you are doing bringing truth to We the People!

  9. Ted Cruz said yesterday in an interview that the lawyers fighting for Trump were not the “A” team and he said he has talked to the White House about this. Can you speak to this ? In Bush v. Gore we had the dream team and many are concerned that this time around it may not be the case. Thanks.

  10. Andrew Findlay

    Thanks for the detailed information Molly.

  11. barbara keenan

    Hello Molly
    Thanks for all this real information. I’ve stopped watching all MSM. What can people do who are not in the contested states. I’ve donated to the President ‘s defense fund. How do we get the word out on the results audit? It’s a nail biter waiting and hoping there are good people who will step up and fight this colossal political machine.
    Stay focused and God Bless You

  12. David Hontz

    Outstanding read!, thank you for a factual levelheaded report. I’m afraid America is not getting anything close to this type of reporting in the MSM. Once again Great Job! And thank you.

  13. Brittney Hudson

    Georgia resident here. Any specific template/information you recommend including as we write to our legislators? I want to make sure we keep elected officials accountable, but I am unsure of exactly what I need to be asking for. Obviously I know a results audit, but also new legislation regarding voting security?? anything else related to the recount?? Help us out :)!

    • Brittney Hudson

      Also, completely agree with what you say that the Trump campaign needs to do daily updates. I found your site and I’ve relied on it for daily updates. Thank you!!

  14. Rick Murley

    Love the photo on this article.

  15. General Flynn sent me. Keep up the good work.

  16. Daniel Clarke

    I’m reading this from Melbourne, Australia.
    I’ve always been interested in American politics and I make sure I’m informed by the most accurate sources (like this site).

  17. Needed to read this:
    “Donald Trump won this election on November 3. After four years of optimism, economic growth, strong national defense, the American people chose four more years. We voted and we won, and while we were sleeping bad people stole that win from us. We can absolutely take it back.”
    With warriors like you, we can. I’m very pleased I’ve discovered you by watching the National Pulse. Our side needs to make greater use of your voice – and face! Thanks for your detailed analysis and for not sugar coating anything.

  18. The late evening of Election Day, I watched the returns on Bannon’s War Room Live Election Coverage on my PC. I had another browser tab open to Georgia’s SBOE, intermittently checking those results. Sometime between 1:30 AM and 2:45 AM (when I went to bed!), I was looking directly at the number of votes, trying to calculate how many votes ahead President Trump was – he had 2 million + and Biden had 1 million + – so I was looking at the “rest” of the numbers, the hundred thousands and while doing so, I saw Biden’s number increase by (I believe) somewhere between 700,000 and 800,000 votes. I couldn’t believe my eyes but there it was. There was a chat function on the War Room You Tube page I was watching that on, and as soon as I saw the vote dump, I made a comment about it there, wondering if anyone else had seen it. While in the chat, their is a timestamp on comments but I don’t know if it stays there, in the event that this information can be of any use to the investigation.

    I have no doubt at all the President Trump won this election and I believe he won by a landslide.

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