Nov. 13 – Maricopa Recount; Georgia Recount Disaster; Grassroots Action Items

I have two important updates today from Arizona and Georgia.


The Trump campaign has filed a lawsuit in Arizona over the form that the state-mandated, post-election audit will take. According to Arizona state law, the county recorder must hand-count a random sampling of ballots for “quality control” after the election. The law mandates that 2% of the precincts or two precincts, whichever is greater, be sampled. There are 748 precincts in Maricopa. But, this election, Arizona consolidated voting to 175 voting centers. The Arizona Secretary of State’s manual has directed counties that used polling centers rather than precincts to sample 2% of the polling locations. The Trump campaign has asked the court to order Maricopa County to adhere to the language of the statute and sample 2% of the precincts (15 precincts). Trump’s lawyers argue, persuasively in my mind, that when the statute and the direction of the secretary of state are at odds, the statute controls. That is how it should be, in light of the plenary authority of the legislature to determine the manner and method of elections. So, keep an eye on that suit.

In the meantime, the Maricopa Board of Supervisors can order a county-wide, manual recount. The conservative activist I spoke to on the ground in Arizona asked me to put out a request to the grassroots to call the supervisors and make this request. Please, take a minute to call these people: 

District 1—Jack Sellers: 602-506-1776, email:

District 2—Steve Chucri: 602-506-7431, email

District 3—Bill Gates: 602-506-7652, email

District 4 –Clint Hickman: 602-506-7642, email

District 5—Steve Gallardo: 602-506-7092, email

I know everyone feels worked up, but try to be calm and polite and point out how critical it is for the nation that we all have confidence in the integrity of our election. They owe it to the nation to conduct a manual recount. 


We are being betrayed in Georgia. The hand recount that was supposed to be the “gold standard” according to Harmeet Dhillon, and a “recount, an audit, and re-canvas” all in one according to the secretary of state down there, is now turning out to be a superficial re-tabulation that will not identify the illegal votes or flag fraud. While listening to Bannon’s War Room this morning, John Fredericks reported that only one observer is watching for every ten teams and observers are so far away they cannot meaningfully observe what is happening. Additionally, it does not appear they are conducting any of the investigatory actions that would help reveal fraud, such as matching absentee ballots with addresses. This is an outrageous betrayal of the people of Georgia, and indeed a betrayal of the nation.

Georgia Governor Kemp and his Lt. Governor Duncan are both, according to Fredericks, AWOL. I have since confirmed this from other sources. While I was listening, it crossed my mind that if a recount reveals a scandalously compromised election, it would reflect very badly on the state leadership. It is the sort of thing that could end your political career. But, it could be worse than that.

I was on Raheem Kassam’s National Pulse show again today and we were discussing this recount. I have not done a deep dive, but Raheem wondered, and it is worth investigating—who approved the Dominion systems? Is there a money trail? Does Kemp have a financial connection to Dominion? Kemp has been governor since 2019. What was he before that? He was Georgia’s secretary of state.

I discussed the recount with Raheem Kassam on the National Pulse today:

Finally, there needs to be a demand for the Dominion systems to be impounded, taken off-line (but not turned off), and for a forensics expert to do an examination of the coding. Last night I was googling around about the Dominion system. The way it works is you make your selection on a touchscreen and the machine then spits out a paper receipt of sorts with a bar code you scan at the tabulator. But neither the voter nor anyone else can verify that the barcode is accurate. So, not only can you not verify that the machine has properly logged your vote, but the state cannot undertake a meaningful recount.

This critical flaw in the system was raised at the time the system was proposed for use in Georgia, but the state still bought it. The fact that you yourself cannot verity your vote and that the barcodes make it impossible to do a real recount or audit, should have disqualified Dominion from consideration. Our current quandary was wholly foreseeable, which leads one to conclude Dominion was deliberately chosen. The “bugs” seem to be a feature. And again, Kemp was in the middle of all of this.

Sidney was on Lou tonight. This is important to watch, and please blast it out everywhere:

Yesterday, the Washington Examiner ran an interview of President Trump by Byron York. In the interview, the President warned, “never bet against me.” That is the fighting spirit I like to see from Trump, and it is the spirit we all need, too. The Democrats stole this election, and not just by a little fraud here and there. It looks like they engaged in systemic and horrifying, pervasive fraud. Keep an eye on the litigation scene, because I think this corruption will be revealed, and it will shock every decent and honest person. It is imperative that each of us continues to fight at maximum effort. And no matter what you learn about the corruption in our country, and no matter how overwhelming and dark it feels when you do, remember that good people all over the country are doing their best to fight the good fight and restore the Republic. Together, we will win. We have only to be faithful.


  1. Thank you for the update and the encouraging words. Fight on…

  2. Great job, as usual! Keep up the good work and please stay on this. Our Country is at stake.

  3. Alyson Vidoli

    Thanks Molly- just emailed everyone on the list. Thanks for your hard work. I’ve shared this with others in the hopes they will take action as well.

    • Niki R Wiessner

      Thank you for the update! We will call Arizona! Lake Arrowhead Communities Republican Women Federated.

      • Maria Elena Hernandez

        Somebody must issue a warning that if you are not implicated but did not help to expose the fraud, you will also be held accountable and subject to prison for corruption or treason. Whichever gives you more years

        • Kathi Ervin

          Thanks for the update. I live in NH and have trying to watch everything that’s happening.

  4. Unless President Trump concedes. I did not like what Geraldo Rivera said on Hannity tonight, that he has resigned himself to that possibility when the time is right. As long as he doesn’t do that, like Roger Stone says, this will go his/our way. The fair and honest way it should have from the beginning.

    • Trump won in a landslide!! Now let’s show the world. Molly, I look forward to your next update.

    • N Silk,

      I felt the exact same way regarding Geraldo’s comments! He took away the hope and fight for the American people.

      Thank you for your strength and courage!

      -Michele M
      Rogers, AR

      • Pina Allen

        My name is Pina I came from Italy many years ago, the right way and yes I am a citizen of this great country of ours, and because I voted for our great President Trump that I feel there is a misjustice in the way this election is played out, I would like to see a recount of the votes because I feel that President Trump will win overall if there was no cheating.
        Thank you

  5. Wonderful! You are a gift to our nation, Molly. It’s easy to get discouraged when you see people who used to be aboard the Trump train – like former train conductor Ann Coulter – writing odes of surrender and “good riddance.” But then I came across the Big Data to the Rescue piece on American Thinker, Dick Morris on Newsmax and your update and I am rejuvenated. Joe Biden did not win this election. He didn’t even get close. President Trump trounced him – in fact it was – if not a red wave – certainly some big red ripples on election day. Those of us on the right side of history who want this to be the election that finally exposes the depths the left is willing to plumb for power it hasn’t earned. Thank you for fighting so hard for your country. There are all kinds of warriors in the world. Some are chiseled mud-caked alpha males in fatigues and some are articulate young lawyers with supermodel looks and awe inspiring intellect.

  6. Thank you for your articles. I am a mom of four little ones and my heart was crushed when Pres. Trump lost. I was hoping for 4 more years under Trump when raising my children. We are trying to keep the faith in our house and keep the prayers going. Your articles help. Any flickering flame of hope is something I will hang onto. Thank you!

  7. Stanley Bromberek

    I’m hearing the formidable Lin Wood has the bad actors in Georgia ready for roasting! (Think Pa.)


  8. Thank you! Praying for our President, and all of you on Team Trump that are fighting hard everyday for the 72m people that believe in him and this country!

  9. What do we do? Do you think he’ll pull it off?

    • I think that is more than fair. We can’t just stand by while they steal and CRAP all over our voting system.Dominion should be investigated in all states not just a few!

    • Rev.Sheila Rose


  10. Travis Burke

    Thank you for this. It’s bizarre that I need to come to a blog like this to receive the news. This is no longer about Donald Trump, it is no longer just about the US either.

    You guys are defending Democracy itself for the sake of freedom loving people worldwide. If trust is lost in elections in the USA, trust will be lost everywhere. Never have the stakes been higher.

    Concerned and watching closely from the UK.

  11. Have Faith, God works wonders at times like this when all seems dark or lost. Keep the faith, the nation is praying, in the end when God does his work you drop your jaw because everything looked impossible at the time. I have seen Gods hand work twice in my life it is truly amazing when everything all of the sudden just drops into place. Remember with something this big it will be a teaching moment for a massive amount of people and bring many back to God. Stay Strong.

  12. Taiguara Fernandes

    I’m watching all of this from Brazil and we are praying for you and your fight against this shameless corruption . Please, keep up fighting for yourself and for us, ‘cause if globalists could do this for you, imagine what they could do to the rest of the world? Your fight today is the fight of the entire honest world. That’s why we are praying for you. God bless you!

  13. Need more information on Voting machines and “weighted voting” function. Sydney Powell , Bennie Smith and Dr. Shiva are American heroes!

  14. Lets just be honest: Trump doesn’t have enough time. It takes a lot more than three weeks to uncover fraud. Knowing there is fraud, is not the same as PROVING it. There is always the state legislature Cannon, but it is a very big one. And if they use it, a democratic congress can still refuse to accept.

  15. Have there been any developments in getting to the bottom of the alleged vote switching that happened on CNN live feed and apparently in the Edison database?

  16. Catherine Bowman

    So, Georgia was caught faking a “recount” without an audit.

    Very telling.

    This is the time for full and complete transparency – unless Georgia has something to hide,

    And this is a GOP state.

  17. Thanks for keeping an eye on Maricopa County.

    We are blood red here, and never going blue.

  18. Thank you for the update and for defending democracy. Keep up the good work and Never give up.

  19. Wouldn’t be surprised if the “kickback” (along with some $$) to Kemp was Dominion would make sure he won Governor race. Abrams was probably told the same thing by the Dem masters, but then Dominion/Soros explained that they had to make good with Kemp because the real prize was 2020 Presidential race.

  20. How is it possible to have a situation of observers not being able to observe the recount in Georgia? That’s the big issue in PA, and they’re just doing the same thing in GA, and no one from the GOP is there to intervene and expose this?

    This feels like a cartoon movie.


    Thank you for your encouragement! We must continue to be positive and press into God daily for HIS STRENGTH, WISDOM and ENDURANCE. The Lord DETESTS LYING LIPS! The egregious LIES, CORRUPTION, FRAUD and SINISTER, GODLESS, DEMONIC actions of the LEFT will be exposed. Our patriots (legal people like the patriots, Sidney Powell, Jenna Ellis, Lin Wood, etc..) along w/ GOD’S HELP, will expose the marxists and bring their treasonous actions into the LIGHT!

  22. Philip Varnas

    Call in the military to perform forensics on the complete system used.

  23. Steve Montgomery

    This is one of the most well written, reasoned analysis of the situation. I agree with everything you said and I appreciate the calm and logical way you presented the situation. I have a lot of conservative friends that have watched the liberals get away with everything they do and they are very disheartened because they believe it will happen this time too. We are tired and frustrated, but we cannot give up. This is not just another fight, its a fight to the death for our republic. And, most importantly, let us not forget that God is in control and no dark action is beyond his judgement and control.

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