Nov. 18 – Stop Certification; Grassroots Must Stand Up; Update on the States

More and more it is looking like many of these battleground states have hopelessly tainted elections. The Democrats broke the law all over the place. They excluded poll watchers on polling day, they counted ballots in the dead of night while no one was watching, they have back-dated ballots, they have thrown away the envelopes that the ballots came in so we can’t rematch the ballots with signatures, they have mixed illegal ballots (ballots that didn’t comply with the applicable laws—late, or not properly signed, or what have you) in with good ballots thereby tainting them all, and so forth. The Democrats have done a bunch of stuff that makes it very hard for anyone to know which ballots should be counted and which should not. The Democrats think this is a check-mate moment. They expect us to throw up our hands and say, “well, since we can’t figure it out, I guess Biden gets to win.” This is where you, the grassroots, come in. The grassroots must rise up and say, no. We must insist that our voices be heard. We have a perfectly constitutional and appropriate mechanism to defend the sanctity of the vote. I don’t know if we will have to exercise it, but we must be ready if it comes to it.

Remember that we are the United States of America. Our states have power to defend the vote. If a state legislature determines that an election has been tainted beyond repair and that it no longer can have confidence in the integrity of that election, it may send its own slate of electors to the electoral college. If the court cases don’t work out, this is our option. The Democrats don’t expect us to exercise it, because they don’t think we have the guts to do it. If we try, they will paint us as anti-democratic and every other bad name. But these options are legitimate under our constitutional framework. Our system is designed to guard against just the nightmare we find ourselves in. The Democrats know it, because they planned for extreme contingencies, too. Nancy Pelosi was working to flip state delegations in the event the vote was thrown to the U.S. House of Representatives. So we know they would have played hardball in our place, but they are relying on us to roll over. We can’t roll over. These people have corrupted our Republic; it is our right, and in fact it is our duty, to do everything in our power to protect our Republic and to restore it.

So, today I am working to write up facts for each of the swing states detailing the fraud. These facts will be added to resolutions being drafted by a friend and wonderful conservative activist in Virginia. We will then distribute these to the battleground states. At that point you all need to step up and start lobbying your state representatives. You all need to start educating your representatives on the fraud that took place, the options they have, and assuring them they have your support in pursuing this legal option.

The pressure on these legislators will be immense. Yesterday, in Wayne County, Michigan, the two Republicans on the four-person Board of Canvassers, refused to certify the Wayne County results. Wayne County is Detroit and we believe there was a lot of fraud there, in addition to illegal activity. The two Republican canvassers immediately suffered a hailstorm of abuse and threats, and quickly changed their votes to certify the results. My point in relaying this story is to explain that this election might come down to very normal, otherwise obscure people, in usually innocuous local roles (to include your state reps), suddenly under tremendous pressure from the nation and the world. The stakes of this election are titanic. This election might rest on these ordinary people having the courage and strength to withstand the storm. We have to get out there and educate them on the facts and encourage and strengthen them in their resolve to do the right thing, despite the viciousness of the Left. 

Ok, running quickly through a few states:


Lin Wood has filed a federal lawsuit in Georgia that objects to the consent decree that the Secretary of State entered into with the Democrats. You’ve probably heard of this. The brief explanation is that the state legislature detailed procedures for absentee ballots. One of the procedures is that if a ballot counter cannot match/verify a signature for an absentee ballot, he or she must reject the ballot. The consent decree added extra steps to this process. Under the consent decree, a counter who wants to reject a ballot must seek out two other ballot counters and a majority must decide whether to reject the ballot. This sounds like it is raising the bar for election integrity, but it actually disincentivized counters (who were under tremendous pressure this year to process absentee ballots) from throwing a flag on a ballot. It also presented the opportunity for other ballot counters to block the exclusion of ballots. So really the consent decree lowered the bar for absentee ballots—it made it far more likely that ballots that did not comply with election laws would slip through and be counted.

Wood’s argument is that Secretary of State Raffensperger acted outside his authority when he entered into this consent decree. Although the secretary of state is statutorily empowered to make “rules and regulations” that are “conducive to the fair, legal, and orderly conduct of primaries and elections,” his rules and regulations “must be consistent with the law.”  Wood argues that by changing the clear procedures detailed by the legislature, the secretary impermissibly amended the law, which is outside his authority. I think it is persuasive, but a court could find otherwise. 

The second part of Wood’s complaint objects to the recount. He has two affidavits from women who were supposed to observe the recount and were excluded. We shall see how this suit fares.

You might have seen James O’Keefe’s short video that reports other illegal activity during the Georgia recount. The Georgia recount has been an absolute sham—a veritable fraud on the voters and the nation. 

I think it is pretty clear that Georgia should not be certified. Georgia has a Republican controlled legislature, so start gearing up down there.


As noted in an earlier post, there are two suits ongoing in Michigan, one a Trump campaign suit and the other a suit by private citizens (Constantino v. Detroit). The suit by private citizens is, thus far, not having success in the courts. The motion for an independent results audit was denied. I haven’t read the pleadings or the full opinion, although I just scanned the opinion now. As I have mentioned before, there are two sides to every argument and there is room for a court to use its judgment. Be wary of the courts! A Democrat judge can easily describe these suits as conspiratorial in nature, deny that there is credible evidence of wrongdoing, and deny relief. We have to be active citizens in this fight—don’t leave the burden on the lawyers or trust the courts to find the right way. The appeal in Constantino is ongoing.


Wisconsin has canvassed and certified all its votes, and Trump has until 5pm today to request a recount. The recount will cost about $7 million, I think. COVID is making the recounts astronomically more expensive than they were before, because they have to rent massive spaces and follow all manner of guidelines.  Of course, a recount would probably be a lot like Georgia’s… I am not sure what the campaign’s strategy in Wisconsin is, but we shouldn’t just let it slip away. Hopefully a better update in WI soon.


The Trump campaign still thinks it can win Nevada. As you have probably seen, election officials in Clark County have thrown out the results of the race for county commissioner because of “irregularities.” Despite these discrepancies, Nevada claims we can all trust the presidential results. It is amazing how often we are told to suspend disbelief for the sake of the Democrats’ endgame, and even more amazing that so many people obey!  Trump’s attorneys out there filed yesterday, so let’s keep an eye on that.

That’s it for this update. I have to get to work. All the legal challenges are in early stages and will work their way up. I think the higher they go the more justice we will see, but the warning remains the same: Do not trust the courts and do not leave the burden of freedom solely on the shoulders of the attorneys. The grassroots has a critical role to play. Get out there and start talking to state reps, and changing the national mood so the ordinary people who suddenly find themselves under a global spotlight and subject to hostile media, see support from our side. 

I will also update you when we have these resolutions polished up and ready to distribute.  


  1. Chris Hamilton

    Can you please investigate Washington state? Inslee is the most corrupt governor ever. Dominion was used and they called the election before voting was over. We are a Red state once the true votes are counted!!

  2. Great insight. If we organize we should be able to get 3000 GOP voters to call/email in each of the state reps districts held by a GOP representative in MI, PA,WI, GA and AZ. The voters should insist electors be selected by the legislature if the certification is corrupt.

  3. Thanks for the level-headed insight. It seems obvious where the truth is, but unclear how the truth wins.
    I don’t think writing these officials is enough, can we “show up” for them at a personal level to help them feel safe, and overcome evil with good?
    The Left’s mode of attack hits them at a personal level, after all. We could write these officials off as lacking courage when the next “Wayne County” happens, but I’m sure they have families and have watched domestic terrorism go mostly unchecked for years.

  4. Pamela Jordan

    Great work Mrs. McCann!!! Keep up the work and giving us updates. Watched you on the national pulse and came to your site, I truly appreciate your effort and work… may the power of Christ and God be with you and your work!

  5. Jonathan James Bywater

    Really good coverage of what is happening on the ground, state by state. Thank you for taking the trouble of posting this information.

  6. So out of like 19 bellwether counties across America, 18 were won by Trump …and so goes Ohio and Florida goes the country, hmm Trump won those too and by like 8 points in Ohio! Thanks for everything your team is doing!! We know they cheated – they know they cheated and just want us to heal now … not a chance!!

  7. David Jones

    You are incredible.. My wife and I are 65 years old and we love our country. Thank you for the willingness to fight for our freedoms we hold so dear. We will pray for you..

  8. What about Arizona? Any news?

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