Nov. 23 – Very Quick Update

I am not going to write a long post tonight, because it’s late. Obviously, today was not the positive-packed Monday we’d hoped it would be. Michigan certified its vote and the GSA approved finances to the Biden transition, which really took the wind out of a lot of people’s sails.

While the attorneys continue on with varied litigation, we need to pivot to prepping the legislatures to do their constitutional duties to investigate the fraud and possibly appoint their own electors. That was going to be my primary post today, but I will post it tomorrow. In the meantime, I discussed this idea (which I am sure you are all familiar with) on two shows today. I’ve linked to those below if you want a preview of the points. Until then, a few quick, positive points.

First, the Michigan fight isn’t over. Several members of the legislature have perked up and are requesting an audit. Although an audit itself doesn’t excite me all that much, the fact these two are stepping forward does. We need to support them. A former Michigan state senator named Patrick Colbeck was on Bannon’s War Room today; he was excellent. He walked trough the chain-of-custody issues with the vote up there. We have the evidence that the election isn’t certifiable; we just need to communicate it the right way to the right people. I will find a direct link tomorrow. We will want to push that to those state legislators, too. Of course, Trump’s case in Michigan is still live, so let’s watch for developments there, too.

Second, the Third Circuit granted expedited review of the Pennsylvania case today, which is good. We need to move these suits up the chain quickly–we are racing the clock here. Alan Dershowitz (a brilliant and honest liberal attorney) was on some tv show recently talking about what a strong case Trump has in PA. He’s right. So, stay positive on PA.

Third, I think we are going to see more suits filed (some were filed today I believe), including from Lin Wood, and hopefully from Sidney, who said on a recent interview she was pulling her cases together this week.

So, the day had its downer moments, but we’ve still got the truth on our side, solid court cases, all sorts of evidence emerging, and energized patriots.

Below are the links, and…I’ll see you tomorrow.

The National Pulse (the hit starts around the 20:00 minute mark):

Molly McCann Raheem Kassam National Pulse

And Live From Studio B6 this evening (top of the hour):

Molly McCann Real America's Voice Live from Studio B6

Photo: Chesapeake Beach.


  1. Diane Jensen

    Please use the power of the people. As Republicans, 71 million of us, we demand the GOP hold news conferences get on the Sunday shows and protest the fraud! If the GOP doesn’t do this we the people will WALK AWAY from voting for all Republicans in the future including GA. The GOP will be dead.
    This is our power and we must use it!!!!

  2. What, in your opinion, is Sidney’s goals with the lawsuits? Is it to help Trump win the presidency, or is it for the long term game, fixing the election system? With the current timeframe, is there any chance her lawsuits will have any impact on this election?

  3. Thank you for keeping us posted.

    The news emerging the past few days have in fact served to deflate hopes, story by story. What’s far more frustrating, however, is the feeling of being in the dark. For this reason, among others, I appreciate you keeping us in the know.

  4. Diana Pohn

    Thanks Molly. Steve Bannon said we would have good days and bad days. The bad days tend to flush out those who don’t really support the President. Keep up the fight and know there are tons of people behind you.

  5. What about the EO in 2018. Can thatnkick inm

  6. Good interviews, informative, as is the update. Viewed them earlier, esp 6B, you present well, articulate, a talent. Keep up the good work!

  7. Jeff M. Hall

    Thanks for what you Molly and Sidney and others are doing to ensure integrity of our vote is deeply appreciated! I wish I could work side by side with your team till we see Justice pour from every public institution. Justice for our citizens is the best honor and the best mercy. Jeff M. Hall

  8. John Berkery

    Remember, to fight is to win. We know what happened here. So does a majority of the American people. But if you think Republicans are wish washy, times that by 1,000 for judges. Nevertheless, the more facts that come out, the more strength our side amasses. While these court battles go on, we must concentrate on doing what we can to minimize the damage done to the great Trump programs for however long Biden lasts. Ga. Senate race huge!

  9. Brian Visser

    Thank you Molly for your honest assessments. There is enormous amounts of spin in the media and with many other sources of news and information, so we wholeheartedly appreciate your efforts.

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