Nov. 5 Morning Brief – AZ Trending Red, Numbers Analysis, How You Can Help Protect the Integrity of the Vote

Good morning everyone. My Wall Street Journal this morning (I am real paper girl) had a depressing headline: “Biden Stretches Lead Over Trump.” Try to tune this stuff out. If the media called the states for Trump the way they called the states for Biden, Trump would already have the necessary electoral votes. Biden has a lead because they won’t call states like Georgia, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania (all safe calls on election night), yet were willing to call Arizona, which is very clearly still in play. This is ruthless, naked cheating on the part of the Democrats and the media is lending them legitimacy. 

In the wee hours—between Wednesday night and Thursday morning—Maricopa County reported the results of 140,000 more of its outstanding ballots. Trump won that tranche by approximately 57-40. The good pollsters were saying that’s the margin he needs to hold the state. Arizona can flip red.

Yesterday afternoon and early evening I heard that the Democrats were afraid that Arizona will collapse and go to Trump, so they decided to pivot to the blue areas around Atlanta, Georgia, to start contesting that state. Sure enough we are now seeing shenanigans there. Unlike Pennsylvania, ballots in Georgia had to be received by 7pm on election day to count. Reports of late ballots arriving and being mixed in with the other ballots have prompted the Trump campaign to sue in Chatham County, GA, and the GOP down there said they will be filing more suits in other counties. 

The Trump campaign has filed in AZ, as has a citizens’ rights group challenging the sharpie ballots. If you live in AZ, make sure your vote was counted!

Maria Bartiromo reported this morning that later today Ric Grenell will announce a Trump campaign suit in Nevada to make sure all legally cast ballots are counted. 

Trying to follow the fraud is like trying to drink from a fire hose. 

I am going to tell you something about courts. I don’t know if this is a dirty little secret or if it is an open secret, but it is human nature. Knowingly or unknowingly, courts respond to the mood of the nation. Courts don’t like to rule in a direction that is massively opposed to public opinion. So much of this battle right now truly is a comms battle. The media is trying to make this sound like a done deal, which would make it very hard for the courts to rule in what would appear to be a radically different direction. We have to balance the false narrative and show a groundswell of support for the legitimacy of the true vote. Gorka is asking people in Pennsylvania and Arizona to join any marches that are planned today or this week to demand integrity of the vote. The courts, the media, the world needs to hear our protest that the election is being stolen in front of our eyes. Get active, people. Get active online, get active outside. The Left planned to tear this nation to pieces if Trump was declared a winner. That was and is the level of their resolve. We don’t need to be violent to make our voices heard, but we have to do something. If the courts feel the anger from the people, we will win more of our challenges. As I say, they might not even realize it, but judges are people, too, and they have to feel like ruling against Biden isn’t some radical, lonely position. They have to hear our side demanding justice. Otherwise, many will just take the easy route and dismiss us.   

This fight really does come down to resolve. We won. The numbers on Tuesday night were clear. The media has done everything in its power to make it look like Trump lost and is just fighting a losing battle. This is the point when—historically—Republicans throw in the towel. This is when the old GOP would decide it wasn’t willing to push more, because it felt like it would appear to be cheating or battling the inevitable. 

It is critical that the MAGA party break from the old habits of the Republican party—we have to fight with everything we have to beat the cheat. What we are really fighting for is the integrity of all our votes—the voice of the people. 

Call your representative in Congress and your U.S. Senators. Why aren’t we hearing outcry from our nationally elected leaders? They should be out countering the false narrative of the Democrats and the mainstream media. We won the election; we have to fight to hold the prize. 

Recently, I have become a big fan of the famous quote from Marine commander Chesty Puller: “We’re surrounded; that simplifies things.” Or as General Flynn would say, “when in doubt, attack!” 

Get active, people. We have only one path: fight. 

Rich Baris will be doing numbers analysis later this morning. Tune into Bannon’s War Room here at 10am EST (Baris will be on) and/or listen to just Baris at 11:30am here:

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