Post Election Night Update

Here is the morning update. As everyone warned last night, now the cheating starts, and the cheating has been busy while we slept. One example: they found 138,339 votes in Michigan and every single vote was a Biden vote…🙄 The Democrats are stealing the election. We have to be positive and energetic, but we need to be honest. The election night results are being taken away from us, as has been planned all along. Once that happens—once they are able to shift the numbers—it is really hard to undo. 

Nevertheless, a few things.

First, this is not over. If you watched the numbers all last night, you know what happened here. You know the states that should have been called, you saw Trump’s incredible performance, you saw the pattern of the early break blue and the election day votes tighten up and then beat the blue. You know all the areas where, mathematically, Biden couldn’t catch up…yet they are now finding Biden votes everywhere. It was and is a red win. The Democrats refused to call obvious wins, halted counting in battleground states, and are now surging in various key areas. The mailed ballots make it much easier for Dems to manufacture votes, and I honestly do not know if we will be able to defeat the cheat. But, Trump knows what is happening, he’s angry, and he’s going to fight this out in the courts. He left it all on the field campaigning; he won’t stop now. He will go to the mat. It is important that we go to the mat with him. Stay informed, get the real facts, and share them with everyone you know. The American people need to understand our system of self-government is being wrested from our hands. They have to know—so get out and tell them. 

Second, reflect on the above. A lot of people will bury their heads in the sand and pretend that what is happening is the disappointing result of the process playing out legitimately. The fake polls laid the groundwork for this, and frankly people just don’t want to face the horrifying reality that self-government in America could be so catastrophically under assault.  Be courageous and look the crisis in the face. It is happening. It is important to decide how you will analyze this, because if you determine that our system is being taken from us by the Left—by the mainstream media and the people willing to steal to win—that should inform the way you proceed going forward. We can’t hide from reality if we are going to save our nation. We have to understand how bad it really is if we are going to defeat it. 

Third, stop saying this is the end of the Republic. It. Is. Not. I will repeat, Trump’s performance last night was incredible. Look at some of the numbers from urban counties in Michigan where Trump was performing so well—that was a strong showing of minorities and non-college educated young men coming out for Trump. Look at the numbers in Florida were Trump was crushing it with the Hispanic vote. Look at Texas where he took Zapata County 52%-47%. He lost that area to Hillary in 2016 by 62%-32%!  The MAGA party I wrote about last week is alive and it is moving. Let’s imagine the worst-case scenario—that the Left is able to take this win from us. Trump isn’t going away; he will continue to lead this movement and help us fight to survive. We hold the Senate and we have a reasonable composition on the Supreme Court. If we are truly awake and mobilized, if Republicans are ready to really get in the game, we can stave off the worst of the damage and come back in 2024. None of us can see the future. Our obligation is to do our best with the fight we have today.  

But, let’s see how the day progresses. People are still waking up and trying to get a handle on what happened while we were all sleeping. We’ll have a better sense of the geography in a few hours.


  1. Brian Bailie

    In a landscape filled with “doom and gloom”, this is a resplendent ray of sunshine! It’s also a more accurate take on how things really are, though you’d never know it after watching any of the media, including 90% of Fox (so disappointed in them!). You ended with the line, “People are still waking up…”, and I am encouraged that that is a very real statement, in a much grander sense. Thank you for helping us “snap out of it” and for reminding us that our nation, and its people, are still incredible. And yes, being made great again.

  2. JoAnn Jouett

    I love your insights and analyses of events unfolding around us. You remind me so much of Phyllis!

  3. Gouveia Faith

    Amen! Ready for my marching orders.

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