Don’t Give Up On Election Day

Today is a pivotal battle in our war for the survival of America. But it is a battle, not the war. That is important to remember, because although every indicator is signaling we will turn this country red, the fraud is already underway.  

20% of the ballots in Maricopa County are being rejected by the machines, and voters are being told to put their ballots in drop boxes to be counted after the polls close.

In Mercer County, New Jersey, the machines are down completely—they are not working.

In Pennsylvania, the Democrats are up to something suspicious today as voting stations have been told to let people who already voted by mail vote in person. Will they throw the earlier ballots out? Or count them twice?

As the day progresses, I am sure we will hear more outrageous reports of obvious election meddling as the Democrats try to steal their way out of a brutal beating from the American electorate.

Nevertheless, don’t let the naysayers and doomsayers get you down. None of this means that the midterms are hopeless. Voter fraud is not a new problem in our system. We have had egregious cheating for many years, yet Donald Trump won the 2016 election. He almost defeated the fraud in 2020. That’s why they had to stop the count when they did. Overwhelming and unpredictable voter turnout can defeat fraud, which is why I have been advocating for weeks that you not vote early but wait to vote in person on the day. We can overwhelm the fraud and put points on the board if everyone shows up.

When people get discouraged and throw up their hands over bad news or the uphill climb, they act as if we have already hit bottom. They go back to their regular lives—going to work, spending time with family, socializing with friends, watching their favorite tv shows on the weekends, and so forth—as if this is as bad as it will get for Americans “who have lost” their freedom. But the reality is, we still enjoy an enormous amount of freedom, and if we don’t fight to maintain what we have and reclaim what has been taken, we will sink into myriad horrors.

We no longer have to look to the past for examples of the atrocities we could face. There are plenty of modern examples. Look to Australia during COVID where the unvaccinated were confined to their homes, people were beaten and arrested for walking beyond the permitted perimeters of their blocks, and young people choked out in the streets during anti-mask protests. Look to Canada where Trudeau exercised fascist control when he seized bank accounts during the trucker protests. Look to China where even today the Chinese people live under brutal oppression. Think about what our Leftist leaders did to us here in America and would do again. We have a lot to fight for.

Despite it all, we remain the people with the most freedom on earth. It is imperative that we fight for ourselves, for our children, and for each other. No surrender.

And there are lots of good reports already today. General Flynn is in the Sarasota area and reporting presidental-level turnout down there.

The DOJ tried to send “monitors” to intimidate state elections, and Republican Secretaries of State are standing up and rejecting this federal thuggery.

Good people are working hard all across the country to secure the vote, and more people than ever have realized the peril we are in as a country and have joined our side.

Whatever fraud or misdeeds you experience or read about today, let them fuel your rage and channel it into action. First, get out to vote today, and then immediately ask how you can help to secure the vote in 2024.

Our numbers have only swelled since 2016. Although the fog of war can be disorienting and our opponents are brutal, I believe we are on the winning side. I think today will be a good day for America, and to the extent there is cheating, we just have to strengthen our resolve to continue this epic struggle. This is not a quick battle. Freedom will require the long slog, the slow grind.  The easiest part of that grind is showing up at the polls.

Whatever you do today, get out the vote for the Republican ticket!

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