Nov. 25 – Is the Tide Turning Toward Trump

This is a bit of a longer update, because it is the update I skipped yesterday rolled in with today’s.

I don’t want to speak prematurely, but I think the tide is turning for us this week. We are behind the eight ball, certainly. We should have felt this shift at least a week ago, but it’s not too late if we accelerate and build the momentum that I think is breaking our way. So, what’s been shifting positively?   


Today GOP members of the Pennsylvania legislature held a very lengthy hearing at a hotel in Gettysburg. Multiple witnesses testified to election fraud and illegality. Trump attorneys Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis were there to answer questions, and the President himself—who had been scheduled to appear in person—phoned in to provide his own input.  

The benefit of this hearing is two-fold. 

First, it starts to get the evidence of fraud out to the American people. Americans need to hear what actually happened in this election, and demand for election integrity has to grow in volume. As national outrage builds, our chances of pulling this win back will increase. 

Second, the hearing begins to prime the legislature to act, if necessary. It is the legislature’s duty (in PA and around the country) to guard against “cabal, intrigue, and corruption” in the selection of the President of the United States. If there was intrigue and corruption at play in these various states—as the evidence strongly suggests there was—and the vote of the people has been tainted beyond repair, it is the duty of the legislatures to step in and choose their own electors.

I do worry that these hearings could turn into the same type of performative hearings we get from the U.S. House and Senate, that provide political theater and PR for campaign spots, but do little substantively. We have to provide the support and pressure to make sure the legislatures follow through with action, if necessary.  

Meanwhile on the legal front, even though the Pennsylvania Board of Canvassers voted to certify the election results, a Pennsylvania judge enjoined any final actions necessary to perfect (i.e. finalize) that certification, pending an evidentiary hearing. She has scheduled the hearing for the 27th.  Hopefully those attorneys are on the ball and ready with an avalanche of evidence. 


The news out of Michigan is not as bad as it first sounded Monday night. I discovered this by actually reading the opinions of the concurring and dissenting justices in Constantino. Always a good idea. 🙂 Constantino is the case brought by private plaintiffs that sought, among other things, to enjoin the Wayne County certification and to undertake a results audit of the election pursuant to a relatively new constitutional amendment in Michigan that allows voters to request an audit. Since the suit was filed, though, the Wayne County Board certified the election results. First they didn’t certify, then they did certify, and finally the Republicans tried to rescind their votes to certify. Michigan, however, is moving forward assuming the recission is null. 

The Michigan Supreme Court refused to hear the appeal from the denial of the injunction, but it wasn’t a sweeping or final denial. The plaintiffs will still be able to fight for their audit and the court retained jurisdiction to expedite appeal. Between the concurrence and dissent there were a number of interesting points that we don’t need to get into here. 

These are a few important points, though. First, the concurrence and dissent both noted the disturbing evidence of fraud that was brought forward by this suit. That’s very good. It is good to hear a court worry out loud and on the record, and it sends signals to the legislature to perk up and pay attention. Second, the concurrence made much of the fact that despite the division over the election, the people of Michigan democratically passed this constitutional amendment two years ago, and the transparency and process it provides are obviously something the people of Michigan value and want.

This circles back to my constant point—the courts don’t want to appear to defy the will of the people in difficult issues. Requesting audits and demanding rigorous inspections is not an attack on the democratic process nor is it an attempt to disenfranchise people. We aren’t free people if our elections aren’t fair. As the court noted, fair and transparent elections are obviously a priority for the people of Michigan, as evidenced by the fact they passed this constitutional amendment. It is not illegitimate to seek the relief that Republicans are pursuing. 

Of important note. The Michigan Supreme Court is currently majority Republican. Unfortunately, on January 1, 2021, that majority will flip Democrat. We’ve got to move quickly in Michigan. 


As you know, there is an ongoing recount happening in Milwaukee and Dane Counties in Wisconsin. I have been hearing positive reports that suggest Republicans are getting a chance to step in and challenge a lot of votes, but at the end of the day, I think Wisconsin can probably only be dealt with via a lawsuit over the illegal votes. The Trump campaign is probably looking to expedite a suit once the recount is complete.  Only approximately 20,000 votes separate Biden and Trump in Wisconsin. 


Sidney Powell is dropping her first suits tonight.


As I say, it is just a tad early to know how this will develop, but I think the activity we are seeing—the higher courts rumbling about their concerns, Republican legislatures perking up and starting to demand answers, the evidence that has been brought forward percolating out to the people, and the evidence that will drop soon–all suggest that we might finally be turning the corner. If so, it won’t be a second too early, but importantly, it won’t be too late, either.

I want to close with a little bit of precedent. In 1960, it appeared that Richard Nixon had won Hawaii by approximately 115 votes. The state certified the election for Nixon, the governor affixed his signature, and off the results went. A recount that dragged on to late December (the 28th, I believe) ended with a new result: Kennedy won. The state certified the election results a second time (but for Kennedy), the governor affixed his signature, and off the second results went to Congress. Congress accepted the second certification for Kennedy.

I am not telling this story to suggest we should blow off the certifications; it isn’t good to lose even the little battles. I am telling it to make the point that this fight isn’t over. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. We are self-governing people. We have the mechanisms, carefully crafted by our Founding Fathers, to fix this disaster if we have the grit. We do not have to accept a fraud on the American people. We still have time if we move swiftly and relentlessly toward our goal.    

Ronald Reagan said, “no weapon in the arsenals of the world is so formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women.” Reagan was thinking of a united America facing hostile regimes abroad, but it applies just as aptly to the Americans who love liberty and love America, facing down people who have corrupted her from within and would lead her into socialism, darkness, and destruction. We have the checks and balances, the legal remedies, and the indomitable spirit, to fight for our country and to win. Let’s keep at it with resolve.

Photo: Mount Vernon–home of my hero, our first great general, George Washington.

Nov. 23 – Very Quick Update

I am not going to write a long post tonight, because it’s late. Obviously, today was not the positive-packed Monday we’d hoped it would be. Michigan certified its vote and the GSA approved finances to the Biden transition, which really took the wind out of a lot of people’s sails.

While the attorneys continue on with varied litigation, we need to pivot to prepping the legislatures to do their constitutional duties to investigate the fraud and possibly appoint their own electors. That was going to be my primary post today, but I will post it tomorrow. In the meantime, I discussed this idea (which I am sure you are all familiar with) on two shows today. I’ve linked to those below if you want a preview of the points. Until then, a few quick, positive points.

First, the Michigan fight isn’t over. Several members of the legislature have perked up and are requesting an audit. Although an audit itself doesn’t excite me all that much, the fact these two are stepping forward does. We need to support them. A former Michigan state senator named Patrick Colbeck was on Bannon’s War Room today; he was excellent. He walked trough the chain-of-custody issues with the vote up there. We have the evidence that the election isn’t certifiable; we just need to communicate it the right way to the right people. I will find a direct link tomorrow. We will want to push that to those state legislators, too. Of course, Trump’s case in Michigan is still live, so let’s watch for developments there, too.

Second, the Third Circuit granted expedited review of the Pennsylvania case today, which is good. We need to move these suits up the chain quickly–we are racing the clock here. Alan Dershowitz (a brilliant and honest liberal attorney) was on some tv show recently talking about what a strong case Trump has in PA. He’s right. So, stay positive on PA.

Third, I think we are going to see more suits filed (some were filed today I believe), including from Lin Wood, and hopefully from Sidney, who said on a recent interview she was pulling her cases together this week.

So, the day had its downer moments, but we’ve still got the truth on our side, solid court cases, all sorts of evidence emerging, and energized patriots.

Below are the links, and…I’ll see you tomorrow.

The National Pulse (the hit starts around the 20:00 minute mark):

Molly McCann Raheem Kassam National Pulse

And Live From Studio B6 this evening (top of the hour):

Molly McCann Real America's Voice Live from Studio B6

Photo: Chesapeake Beach.

Democrats Do Drama – We Need to Stay Resolved, Disciplined, and Driven

Think about this election as having two tracks. Track I is the “regular” fraud. It is comprised of all the illegal conduct the democrats engaged in, from excluding poll watchers, to ballots materializing from unknown locations, to precincts not checking signatures as required by statute, to Democrats incentivizing voters with gas cards, and the sordid list goes on. Track II is the electronic fraud. It is the Dominion/foreign-intervention scheme that Sidney and some others are working to present proof of in court. Taken together, 2020 could be the most explosive election in U.S. history…if it isn’t already.

Drama isn’t a good thing when real work needs to be done. Drama is particularly problematic when work needs to be done under a time constraint, stress, or both. It should be avoided at all costs. It does baffle me to see so many smart and savvy political operators spending a significant amount of time and energy gossiping about Sidney, whether arguing with others about the likelihood she has the evidence she claims to have, or more recently wondering what is happening between Sidney and Rudy/Jenna. We are still in an all-hands-on-deck crisis here. If you think Sidney can’t follow through, fine. Analyzing and overanalyzing all your deliberation about Sidney’s likelihood of success is not productive. Focus your energy on Track I. 

Lots of people have said this, but I will repeat it for emphasis: technically, we can win the White House on Track I alone. So, if you don’t believe Sidney—or if you do, but other than donating to her legal efforts (donate here), there isn’t much you can do to help her—keep working on Track I. Track I needs a whole lot of help. We need to be explaining the fraud to the general public so the American people can understand the truth, we need to be calling and lobbying state legislators in the battleground states, we need to be putting pressure on Governor Kemp to follow through with his promise to undertake a rigorous audit in Georgia, and the list goes on. This election is still within our grasp if we keep pushing. 

If you have time to spend wondering about Rudy and Jenna and Sidney, that tells me you are not as engaged as you should be on the task at hand. There will be plenty of time to assess everyone and everything…later. 

Finally, don’t get caught up in the silly headlines that suggest that any kind of tension in the Trump team or amongst Trump allies is unusual and proof our efforts are spiraling. That’s ridiculous. If you buy into that, you need to take a breath and reflect on your own life and relationships and then re-read some history. Occasional tension among people is natural—from your own home to allied political figures throughout history. The people in the spotlight today are fighting a titanic battle to change the course of the election of the most powerful nation on earth. As with all choices in life, every strategic move they make is a choice to take one path and not another, and that choosing is often fraught with tension and with stress. Understand they all love America, they are all doing their best to save the Republic, and they are all doing just fine. I can say with certainty that I don’t know anyone more passionately committed to the pursuit of truth and justice—no matter the slings and arrows thrown her way—than Sidney Powell. Every struggle of this kind has bumps, even if history books gloss them over. 

The biggest problem here is how you, the public, will respond. It is critical that we all avoid the distraction of drama, stay calm and reasoned, and focus on whatever it is we can do to advance the mission. That’s all we have to do right now. This election is truly in our hands. We have the power to win if we want to—it is a matter of resolve, discipline, and drive.  

Tomorrow is a fresh Monday. Recommit to the fight cooly and with focus.      

Photo: Sunset on the Gunston Hall estate, the Virginia home of George Mason.

Nov. 19 – Overview of Election Lawsuits

Today’s headline was, of course, the news conference with Sidney, Rudy, and the Trump legal team. It’s an important press conference to watch, and you can find it on C-Span. In this post, I am going to do a quick rundown of some of the court cases across the states.


Trump chose to target his recount in Wisconsin, selecting only two counties—Dane and Milwaukee. Those recounts began today. After what we witnessed in Georgia, I don’t know that I have much faith in a Wisconsin recount. I know that the Trump campaign is planning to file suit in Wisconsin, and I am anxious for them to do so. 


You probably heard that the two Republicans on the four-person panel of the Wayne County Board of Canvassers first refused to certify the election results, were then threatened and so voted to certify, and finally, reversed course again and sought to rescind their votes for certification. As a result, Trump’s lawyers moved to voluntarily dismiss their Michigan suit (that sought to block certification in Wayne County), citing the board members’ decisions to rescind. Their notice of voluntary dismissal attached affidavits from both board members. Whether or not the two can rescind their votes is now the subject of dispute. The Democrats filed a motion to strike the two affidavits. The Democrats claim that there is no legal mechanism by which board members can rescind their votes via affidavit. I have no idea who has the better of this argument. I would think that when two board members refuse to certify and then vote to certify two hours later because they are being doxed and threatened, we would allow them to rescind their votes, but that might just be me.


Georgia’s recount was hopelessly bungled. This morning I read through all the affidavits that Lin Wood attached to his latest filing. You can view the highlights I pulled on this thread. Many of the affidavits overlap—that is, there are affidavits from different people describing the same misconduct. That’s good, because corroboration makes the evidence more powerful. It is clear the recount was a disaster full of illegal conduct. There are two affidavits that were outliers. These two described elements of the Dominion electronic voting scheme. One is the statement of a redacted affiant from South America who explained how the system was designed and used in Venezuela (read here). The second is by an American company that explains in more detail how vulnerable the Dominion systems are (read here). This is important information—share it everywhere you can. 


Last week I told you about a suit in Arizona where Republicans objected to the AZ Secretary of State directing counties to conduct a sample audit of the “vote centers” rather than precincts. There were approximately 150 vote centers in this past election, while there are 748 precincts in Maricopa. This case presented a clash between the legislature’s language and the decision of the secretary of state. Yesterday, after oral arguments, the court granted the Democrats’ motion to dismiss. I don’t see an opinion, so I would only be guessing at the court’s reasoning. It’s certainly not the conclusion I would come to (the legislature should trump the secretary of state in election matters), but it underscores my common refrain—don’t trust the courts. 

There needs to be a bigger suit in Arizona filed last week. I am frustrated with the pace of the litigation, because the clock is mercilessly ticking. Happily, I do think we’ll see some more action in AZ soon. 


Yesterday, Trump attorneys (including my colleague Jesse Binnall) filed suit in Nevada on behalf of the Trump electors. This filing is extraordinary. It’s a lengthy laundry list of illegal conduct. I discussed this with Raheem Kassam on his show yesterday. Our conversation starts at the 24:00 minute mark or so, here.

The short story is that Clark County used a machine to match signatures—contrary to the standards the legislature prescribed during a special session just before the general election. There are hundreds of thousands of ballots in play here, but I’d say that about 130,000 should definitely be thrown out. The filing also details a variety of election day misconduct (e.g. varying standards for voter identification), and even an outreach effort on the part of the Democrats to Native American communities that attempted to incentivize them to vote by offering gas cards, lottery entries and more. That’s a clear violation of federal and state law. Nevada really gave new meaning to “the Wild West.” Keep an eye on that suit.

I think that concludes my update tonight. Today is the 157th anniversary of Lincoln’s Gettysburg address. I love this rendition. Lincoln’s charge is very pertinent and inspiring for us today. 

Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure… It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us—that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion—that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain—that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

Cover photo: Little Round Top at Gettysburg

Nov. 18 – Stop Certification; Grassroots Must Stand Up; Update on the States

More and more it is looking like many of these battleground states have hopelessly tainted elections. The Democrats broke the law all over the place. They excluded poll watchers on polling day, they counted ballots in the dead of night while no one was watching, they have back-dated ballots, they have thrown away the envelopes that the ballots came in so we can’t rematch the ballots with signatures, they have mixed illegal ballots (ballots that didn’t comply with the applicable laws—late, or not properly signed, or what have you) in with good ballots thereby tainting them all, and so forth. The Democrats have done a bunch of stuff that makes it very hard for anyone to know which ballots should be counted and which should not. The Democrats think this is a check-mate moment. They expect us to throw up our hands and say, “well, since we can’t figure it out, I guess Biden gets to win.” This is where you, the grassroots, come in. The grassroots must rise up and say, no. We must insist that our voices be heard. We have a perfectly constitutional and appropriate mechanism to defend the sanctity of the vote. I don’t know if we will have to exercise it, but we must be ready if it comes to it.

Remember that we are the United States of America. Our states have power to defend the vote. If a state legislature determines that an election has been tainted beyond repair and that it no longer can have confidence in the integrity of that election, it may send its own slate of electors to the electoral college. If the court cases don’t work out, this is our option. The Democrats don’t expect us to exercise it, because they don’t think we have the guts to do it. If we try, they will paint us as anti-democratic and every other bad name. But these options are legitimate under our constitutional framework. Our system is designed to guard against just the nightmare we find ourselves in. The Democrats know it, because they planned for extreme contingencies, too. Nancy Pelosi was working to flip state delegations in the event the vote was thrown to the U.S. House of Representatives. So we know they would have played hardball in our place, but they are relying on us to roll over. We can’t roll over. These people have corrupted our Republic; it is our right, and in fact it is our duty, to do everything in our power to protect our Republic and to restore it.

So, today I am working to write up facts for each of the swing states detailing the fraud. These facts will be added to resolutions being drafted by a friend and wonderful conservative activist in Virginia. We will then distribute these to the battleground states. At that point you all need to step up and start lobbying your state representatives. You all need to start educating your representatives on the fraud that took place, the options they have, and assuring them they have your support in pursuing this legal option.

The pressure on these legislators will be immense. Yesterday, in Wayne County, Michigan, the two Republicans on the four-person Board of Canvassers, refused to certify the Wayne County results. Wayne County is Detroit and we believe there was a lot of fraud there, in addition to illegal activity. The two Republican canvassers immediately suffered a hailstorm of abuse and threats, and quickly changed their votes to certify the results. My point in relaying this story is to explain that this election might come down to very normal, otherwise obscure people, in usually innocuous local roles (to include your state reps), suddenly under tremendous pressure from the nation and the world. The stakes of this election are titanic. This election might rest on these ordinary people having the courage and strength to withstand the storm. We have to get out there and educate them on the facts and encourage and strengthen them in their resolve to do the right thing, despite the viciousness of the Left. 

Ok, running quickly through a few states:


Lin Wood has filed a federal lawsuit in Georgia that objects to the consent decree that the Secretary of State entered into with the Democrats. You’ve probably heard of this. The brief explanation is that the state legislature detailed procedures for absentee ballots. One of the procedures is that if a ballot counter cannot match/verify a signature for an absentee ballot, he or she must reject the ballot. The consent decree added extra steps to this process. Under the consent decree, a counter who wants to reject a ballot must seek out two other ballot counters and a majority must decide whether to reject the ballot. This sounds like it is raising the bar for election integrity, but it actually disincentivized counters (who were under tremendous pressure this year to process absentee ballots) from throwing a flag on a ballot. It also presented the opportunity for other ballot counters to block the exclusion of ballots. So really the consent decree lowered the bar for absentee ballots—it made it far more likely that ballots that did not comply with election laws would slip through and be counted.

Wood’s argument is that Secretary of State Raffensperger acted outside his authority when he entered into this consent decree. Although the secretary of state is statutorily empowered to make “rules and regulations” that are “conducive to the fair, legal, and orderly conduct of primaries and elections,” his rules and regulations “must be consistent with the law.”  Wood argues that by changing the clear procedures detailed by the legislature, the secretary impermissibly amended the law, which is outside his authority. I think it is persuasive, but a court could find otherwise. 

The second part of Wood’s complaint objects to the recount. He has two affidavits from women who were supposed to observe the recount and were excluded. We shall see how this suit fares.

You might have seen James O’Keefe’s short video that reports other illegal activity during the Georgia recount. The Georgia recount has been an absolute sham—a veritable fraud on the voters and the nation. 

I think it is pretty clear that Georgia should not be certified. Georgia has a Republican controlled legislature, so start gearing up down there.


As noted in an earlier post, there are two suits ongoing in Michigan, one a Trump campaign suit and the other a suit by private citizens (Constantino v. Detroit). The suit by private citizens is, thus far, not having success in the courts. The motion for an independent results audit was denied. I haven’t read the pleadings or the full opinion, although I just scanned the opinion now. As I have mentioned before, there are two sides to every argument and there is room for a court to use its judgment. Be wary of the courts! A Democrat judge can easily describe these suits as conspiratorial in nature, deny that there is credible evidence of wrongdoing, and deny relief. We have to be active citizens in this fight—don’t leave the burden on the lawyers or trust the courts to find the right way. The appeal in Constantino is ongoing.


Wisconsin has canvassed and certified all its votes, and Trump has until 5pm today to request a recount. The recount will cost about $7 million, I think. COVID is making the recounts astronomically more expensive than they were before, because they have to rent massive spaces and follow all manner of guidelines.  Of course, a recount would probably be a lot like Georgia’s… I am not sure what the campaign’s strategy in Wisconsin is, but we shouldn’t just let it slip away. Hopefully a better update in WI soon.


The Trump campaign still thinks it can win Nevada. As you have probably seen, election officials in Clark County have thrown out the results of the race for county commissioner because of “irregularities.” Despite these discrepancies, Nevada claims we can all trust the presidential results. It is amazing how often we are told to suspend disbelief for the sake of the Democrats’ endgame, and even more amazing that so many people obey!  Trump’s attorneys out there filed yesterday, so let’s keep an eye on that.

That’s it for this update. I have to get to work. All the legal challenges are in early stages and will work their way up. I think the higher they go the more justice we will see, but the warning remains the same: Do not trust the courts and do not leave the burden of freedom solely on the shoulders of the attorneys. The grassroots has a critical role to play. Get out there and start talking to state reps, and changing the national mood so the ordinary people who suddenly find themselves under a global spotlight and subject to hostile media, see support from our side. 

I will also update you when we have these resolutions polished up and ready to distribute.  

Nov. 13 – Maricopa Recount; Georgia Recount Disaster; Grassroots Action Items

I have two important updates today from Arizona and Georgia.


The Trump campaign has filed a lawsuit in Arizona over the form that the state-mandated, post-election audit will take. According to Arizona state law, the county recorder must hand-count a random sampling of ballots for “quality control” after the election. The law mandates that 2% of the precincts or two precincts, whichever is greater, be sampled. There are 748 precincts in Maricopa. But, this election, Arizona consolidated voting to 175 voting centers. The Arizona Secretary of State’s manual has directed counties that used polling centers rather than precincts to sample 2% of the polling locations. The Trump campaign has asked the court to order Maricopa County to adhere to the language of the statute and sample 2% of the precincts (15 precincts). Trump’s lawyers argue, persuasively in my mind, that when the statute and the direction of the secretary of state are at odds, the statute controls. That is how it should be, in light of the plenary authority of the legislature to determine the manner and method of elections. So, keep an eye on that suit.

In the meantime, the Maricopa Board of Supervisors can order a county-wide, manual recount. The conservative activist I spoke to on the ground in Arizona asked me to put out a request to the grassroots to call the supervisors and make this request. Please, take a minute to call these people: 

District 1—Jack Sellers: 602-506-1776, email:

District 2—Steve Chucri: 602-506-7431, email

District 3—Bill Gates: 602-506-7652, email

District 4 –Clint Hickman: 602-506-7642, email

District 5—Steve Gallardo: 602-506-7092, email

I know everyone feels worked up, but try to be calm and polite and point out how critical it is for the nation that we all have confidence in the integrity of our election. They owe it to the nation to conduct a manual recount. 


We are being betrayed in Georgia. The hand recount that was supposed to be the “gold standard” according to Harmeet Dhillon, and a “recount, an audit, and re-canvas” all in one according to the secretary of state down there, is now turning out to be a superficial re-tabulation that will not identify the illegal votes or flag fraud. While listening to Bannon’s War Room this morning, John Fredericks reported that only one observer is watching for every ten teams and observers are so far away they cannot meaningfully observe what is happening. Additionally, it does not appear they are conducting any of the investigatory actions that would help reveal fraud, such as matching absentee ballots with addresses. This is an outrageous betrayal of the people of Georgia, and indeed a betrayal of the nation.

Georgia Governor Kemp and his Lt. Governor Duncan are both, according to Fredericks, AWOL. I have since confirmed this from other sources. While I was listening, it crossed my mind that if a recount reveals a scandalously compromised election, it would reflect very badly on the state leadership. It is the sort of thing that could end your political career. But, it could be worse than that.

I was on Raheem Kassam’s National Pulse show again today and we were discussing this recount. I have not done a deep dive, but Raheem wondered, and it is worth investigating—who approved the Dominion systems? Is there a money trail? Does Kemp have a financial connection to Dominion? Kemp has been governor since 2019. What was he before that? He was Georgia’s secretary of state.

I discussed the recount with Raheem Kassam on the National Pulse today:

Finally, there needs to be a demand for the Dominion systems to be impounded, taken off-line (but not turned off), and for a forensics expert to do an examination of the coding. Last night I was googling around about the Dominion system. The way it works is you make your selection on a touchscreen and the machine then spits out a paper receipt of sorts with a bar code you scan at the tabulator. But neither the voter nor anyone else can verify that the barcode is accurate. So, not only can you not verify that the machine has properly logged your vote, but the state cannot undertake a meaningful recount.

This critical flaw in the system was raised at the time the system was proposed for use in Georgia, but the state still bought it. The fact that you yourself cannot verity your vote and that the barcodes make it impossible to do a real recount or audit, should have disqualified Dominion from consideration. Our current quandary was wholly foreseeable, which leads one to conclude Dominion was deliberately chosen. The “bugs” seem to be a feature. And again, Kemp was in the middle of all of this.

Sidney was on Lou tonight. This is important to watch, and please blast it out everywhere:

Yesterday, the Washington Examiner ran an interview of President Trump by Byron York. In the interview, the President warned, “never bet against me.” That is the fighting spirit I like to see from Trump, and it is the spirit we all need, too. The Democrats stole this election, and not just by a little fraud here and there. It looks like they engaged in systemic and horrifying, pervasive fraud. Keep an eye on the litigation scene, because I think this corruption will be revealed, and it will shock every decent and honest person. It is imperative that each of us continues to fight at maximum effort. And no matter what you learn about the corruption in our country, and no matter how overwhelming and dark it feels when you do, remember that good people all over the country are doing their best to fight the good fight and restore the Republic. Together, we will win. We have only to be faithful.

Nov. 12 – State Suits

I started my day on the phone with my hosting provider upgrading after General Flynn’s morning tweet crashed the site. A happy problem—thank you General Flynn for the shout-out! 

Today was a good day for Team Trump. While Arizona stalls and stalls, I have taken a break from watching their tumbleweeds blow to consider some of the other states I believe Trump actually won and that could still provide us the path to victory.  


In Pennsylvania, Joe Biden leads Donald Trump by 52,140 votes. Today, Trump won a favorable ruling when a judge held that Secretary of State Kathy Bookckvar acted without authority when she extended the deadline to submit proof of identification on mail-in ballots. The result is that the ballots of voters who submitted proof of ID between the 10th and 12th—the three days Boockvar extended the deadline beyond the deadline specified in the state’s election law—cannot be counted. I do not know how may ballots are at play here, and I assume not that many. But it is a good starting point reaffirming the plenary authority of the legislature that will dovetail with some of Trump’s other complaints that are challenging large quantities of votes.  

Everyone knows PA will go to the Supreme Court. The million-dollar question, though, is what will the remedy be? I do not know the answer to that, but we need to be ready for the possibility that the Court kicks it back to the legislature to fix. If this is kicked back to the state, Pennsylvania people, you have to be ready. Get organized, and start stiffening the spines of your legislators, because if the 2020 election comes barreling down on them the pressure will be enormous.  


Michigan is getting very exciting. Biden is up in Michigan by 146,000 votes, and although this sounds daunting, the instances of illegal tabulation and fraud in Michigan are extraordinary. There are two very promising cases that are ongoing.

The first suit has actually been brought by a non-partisan organization in Michigan called the Great Lakes Justice Center. In the last few years, Michigan added a new constitutional provision that permits residents/voters to request an audit of any election. So, the Great Lakes Justice Center is requesting an independent audit.  Critically, it would be an audit of the results. This has been my constant fear when people say we should audit. Election audits are often just process audits that probably would not uncover the issues we believe are hiding in these counties. It is significant that this group is requesting a results audit, not a process audit. 

In addition, the Great Lakes Justice Center’s suit has equal protection claims, fraud, and so forth, and backed up by affidavits. You can read the filing here.   

Meanwhile, the campaign has a suit, too. Thor Hearne, a conservative attorney out of my own hometown, St. Louis, filed the complaint in Michigan on behalf of President Trump. This suit is seeking an injunction to stop certification statewide, and specifically in Wayne County, and for other relief. You can read the filing here

Both those suits are heavy hitters. I think we should have a lot of confidence in them. At least I do. To remind you, Trump is down by 145,000 votes, but there are around 850,000 ballots in Wayne County alone. We have a solid shot at Michigan…and it has 16 electoral votes. 


What is going on in Wisconsin? Biden is ahead by 20,557 in Wisconsin, yet there are, to my knowledge, no suits there. When a potential recount was first announced, Scott Walker immediately got on Twitter with a defeatist message that a recount was unlikely to change the outcome.   After speculation the campaign did not want to pay for the recount (approx. $3 million), Trump’s team has finally announced it will pursue the recount. I sing the same refrain, no matter the state—a recount is all but meaningless if you aren’t doing a results audit. Given the fraud we believe took place in Milwaukee, a thorough, results recount might be all we need, but I’d prefer some complementing litigation. I certainly am not getting energized vibes from Wisconsin.  


I will have an update on the recount tomorrow. 

As you may know, one of Trump’s suits in Georgia has already been dismissed. I have been concerned about the lack of legal action in Georgia, too, but Lin Wood is on the ground and reportedly planning to file suit soon. Hopefully more on that later. Georgia is critical. 


Arizona will have to overhaul its system after this election. Almost nothing came in today, and from the ballots that were reported, Biden extended his lead just a little. It is hard to look at Arizona, and the time it has taken the ballots to come in, and not feel suspicious. I’ll have a legal update on AZ tomorrow.

Finally, I was on Raheem Kassam’s National Pulse show today, starting around the 20:00 mark.

Yesterday was a little discouraging; today was a good day. I think we will have a number of these ups and downs before this is all over. The thought that keeps returning to me and energizing me is that Donald Trump won this election on November 3. After four years of optimism, economic growth, strong national defense, the American people chose four more years. We voted and we won, and while we were sleeping bad people stole that win from us. We can absolutely take it back. The more people energized and organized to do reclaim our country, the faster we will get there. Keep spreading the word that this is not over, and continue to demand that the GOP leadership support the President, because supporting Trump’s struggle is really fighting to vindicate the will of the people.

Header Photo: Storm Clouds Over Old World Wisconsin

Nov. 11 – Arizona Slipping Away; Georgia Recount; DOJ & FBI Betrayal

Eight days after the election, Arizona is still counting votes, but after the latest returns, it looks like Trump probably won’t be able to overtake Biden. I could be wrong. I’d be happy to be wrong tomorrow. But, it doesn’t look good.


Trump is still down by 11,635 after a recent group of results didn’t break where he needed them to.  Decision Desk moved Arizona fully blue. There are 18,514 provisional ballots outstanding and 24,748 total still out. The bulk still out are from Pima. The big question is how many provisional ballots end up actually counting, and I don’t know the answer to that. The numbers are tough. In my opinion, we really needed to win this cleanly, and although I am no election numbers expert, I don’t see that happening at this point. The final tally will still be razor thin, and it may be that once the lawsuits are sorted, Trump pulls it out. For tonight, it is certainly not the news we wanted.

It turns out that the Arizona recount law is much tougher than I thought it was. I don’t think that this race will trigger a recount, but according to Trump campaign official Boris Epshteyn, individual counties can do recounts. There are, of course, legal challenges ongoing in Arizona, including a suit in Maricopa called the “Don’t Touch the Green Button.” To me, it hardly sounds like a game-changer, but I haven’t looked at any of the filings. 

Snell & Wilmer, the largest firm representing the Trump campaign, withdraw as counsel today. According to Westlaw: “Two other large law firms that have represented the Trump campaign in election litigation, Jones Day and Porter Wright Morris & Arthur, have faced an onslaught of online criticism this week from critics who say the cases erode confidence in the democratic process, sparked by a Monday New York Times story focused on the firms’ roles.” Notice how the NYT is leveraging public opinion and criticism against Trump’s efforts–“erode confidence in the democratic process.” More on AZ litigation here.

Importantly, Dominion was used in Arizona. If we are right about Dominion, a lot of things will suddenly be in play.


Biden is up 14,056 in Georgia. The state announced today it would go to a hand recount, which it anticipates will take three weeks. Georgia’s Secretary of State (a Republican who believes the election results are accurate), said that the recount would be “an audit, a recount, and a re-canvas all at once,” which will “be a heavy lift.” To me, the key here is that the audit has to be super rigorous and carefully observed by pro-Trump supporters. Harmeet Dhillon said on Lou Dobbs tonight that the audit would “at a minimum, sample these ballots to verify their accuracy.” I’d like more details on what that means, but the minimum doesn’t sound great. Some election audits are more along the lines of making sure the machines work properly and, as Harmeet noted, sampling a few ballots for accuracy. I don’t think that will be good enough. We cannot win this fight using the traditional methods. The stats suggest that DeKalb and Fulton Counties had ballot dumps. The Republican Party should insist on an investigation of these two counties.  

Doug Collins, as I mentioned in an earlier post, is overseeing the recount in Georgia for the Trump campaign. He is a good guy, so let’s pray the audit is a rigorous one. The Republican Party in Georgia sounds like it is a hot mess right now, though. Talk about bad timing for an intra-party meltdown. 

Michigan & Wisconsin 

Wisconsin should have been ours, and currently about 20,557 votes separate Biden and Trump. If there was fraud there, which there pretty clearly was, I think this state could flip. In Michigan the deficit is much larger. Biden leads by 146,137. I haven’t tracked these two states closely, but given where we are in Arizona, I will start to dig into them tomorrow. 

If we can’t take Arizona—assuming we take Pennsylvania, which is the safest bet of 2020—we can still win with Georgia and Wisconsin. Both Georgia and Wisconsin have highly suspicious counties that have been tagged for likely fraud by the stats team. If we can prove it, we can flip them. 

Recalcitrance of the Bureaucracy 

I’d say the steepest part of this uphill battle, though, is the recalcitrance of federal law enforcement. The FBI and the DOJ are going to run out the clock on Trump. We know the FBI is corrupt and is doubtless desperate for Biden to win. A Trump second term would bring a sweeping wave of reform to the Bureau. As to DOJ, I recently was told by someone who knows, that DOJ is not moving with enough pep in the election fraud space. I am telling you, DOJ is tired of Trump, too. This should outrage every single American. These federal officials are either actively anti-Trump, or they don’t want to face the turbulence that will follow a red win. I don’t know what the exact solution is. Donald Trump should do whatever he needs to do to get the right people in the proper positions to make things happen. Attorney General Barr should move people around and assemble a loyal, committed, and driven team. If Barr won’t do that, Trump should fire him. I think Bill Barr is a wonderful, brilliant, patriotic man, and I’d fire him without blinking. This is an all-hands-on-deck constitutional crisis. Anyone dragging his or her feet needs to sit this one out.   

If the betrayal of the federal agencies isn’t sufficiently clear, listen to this short clip of James O’Keefe’s whistleblower. This man is trying to intimidate and shut this whistleblower down. Notice what the USPS Inspector General investigator is saying. He’s really saying no one wants this to become a scandal; no one wants Trump to successfully blow the corruption open. They want to “harness the storm,” and they want to “try to reel it back in before it gets really crazy.” The pressure to button this down, sweep the fraud under the rug and Trump out of the White House, and go back to business as usual, is beyond what you can imagine. The Left, the media, the federal bureaucracy, the President’s own agencies…they all want it to go away.   

Too many people you and I are counting on to do their duty and investigate this fraud are not on our side. That’s why I wrote this article, which was published at American Mind this evening: “Mr. President, Attack.” We have to support him, but he is commander-in-chief, only he can take on the bureaucracy on behalf of the American people.

A lot of this report probably feels discouraging, but as worried as we feel, they are even more afraid. As explained in my post this morning, Brennan is afraid. He wants Trump removed if he keeps digging, because Brennan knows if Trump keeps digging, he’ll find something. The USPS IG investigator in O’Keefe’s video was ordered to “harness the storm” and “reel it back in” because things will get crazy. But the reality is that the crazy they are worried about is Trump proving that the Democrats rigged the election. Arizona numbers tonight aren’t great, but if there was mass voter fraud, there is a path forward and we are duty bound to follow it. You are never allowed to give up on America…ever. 🙂 And we have the upper hand here, too, even if sometimes the opposition feel insurmountable. So, be hopeful, be energized, and press on!

Addendum after multiple messages of despair: if this post sounded too discouraged, scratch it up to my fatigue. Arizona hasn’t finished its count (I could be wrong–maybe Trump will win it tomorrow by 200 votes); Arizona has legal challenges that need to be sorted; Arizona has fraud issues. I am disappointed by the returns today, and I do want you to have a sense of urgency. But, don’t be discouraged. Let’s see what the final verdict is on Arizona and plot the course from there. We might be able to win Arizona back if we lose it, or we can just go ahead and get to 270 without them.

The Democrats Want To Forcibly Remove Trump From Office Before Inauguration Day

Yesterday got away from me, so I didn’t do an election update. I will do one later today. Right now, I want to talk about what is happening with this election behind the scenes. Well, it’s actually very apparent, but perhaps it needs some translating. 

On Monday, John Brennan was a guest on CNN. Cuomo asked Brennan what could be done to stop Trump’s plans to hold onto the presidency in the next 72 days (again, note that by calling the election early, the media framed Trump as illegitimate and clinging to power). Brennan replied:

“Well, if Vice President Pence and the Cabinet had an ounce of fortitude and spine and patriotism, I think they would seriously consider invoking the 25th Amendment and, you know, pushing Donald Trump out, because he is just very unpredictable now. He is like a cornered cat, tiger, and he is going to lash out. And the fact, again, that he has the powers of the presidency in his hands is quite worrisome. Now, we know that Attorney General Barr has done Donald Trump’s bidding in the past. Will he continue to do that vis-à-vis this election? I don’t know. But I do think it’s something that the members of Congress, the leadership of the Republican Party, really needs to send clear signals to Donald Trump that if he goes — continues to go along this path, they are going to put up roadblocks.” [emphasis added]

This is very, very dangerous talk. John Brennan is a former director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). CIA can boast many wonderful, patriotic, and courageous men and women who work tirelessly and take breathtaking risks to keep this country safe. It also has in its ranks some of the most cunning, ruthless, and evil people America has ever produced. John Brennan is the latter. At this point, in many respects, the CIA operates without accountability. I cannot stress to you enough how powerful CIA is and how corrupt many elements of its leadership are. If John Brennan is out on CNN talking about removing the President, he and his cronies have war-gamed out the options. Trust me. 

Even if Trump had lost, he is the duly elected President of the United States until noon on January 20th. But, as we discussed yesterday, he has not even lost the election yet. Every honest observer knows that Pennsylvania is almost certain to settle in the red column after the ballot issues are fully sorted. Arizona and Georgia haven’t even fully tallied their votes, and each will go to a recount. Framing Trump as this dangerous imposter is deliberate and dangerous.  

We are in the midst of an ongoing attempted coup. It’s been ongoing since 2016—since Donald Trump was elected. The intelligence community wants Trump out and it has from the start. If you’ve followed the General Michael Flynn case in the past year, you know this already. What Obama, Clinton, Comey, Biden, Brennan et al did was nothing short of an attempt at a bloodless coup.  

On September 29, 2020 (the day we had our 48a hearing in front of Judge Sullivan, actually—this news literally broke while Sidney was arguing, and someone handed me the report during a break we had due to technical difficulties in the court’s video programs), John Ratcliffe, the current Director of National Intelligence (DNI) released a single page memo that was an absolute bombshell. You can see it here. It reported that in July of 2016 the U.S. intelligence agencies discovered that the Russians had found out that Hillary Clinton had approved a plan to sabotage Donald Trump’s campaign. John Brennan was CIA director at the time. He briefed then-President Obama on what they’d learned. What was Hillary’s plan? It was “a proposal from one of her foreign policy advisors to vilify Donald Trump by stirring up a scandal claiming interference by Russian security services.” Russian collusion. Brennan, Obama, the intelligence community—they all knew. They knew Russian collusion was a hoax and they ran with it. They embraced it and when Donald Trump was elected, they used it as a vehicle to retard the forward momentum of Trump’s administration and, indeed, to oust him from office. It was an attempted, bloodless coup and Brennan was right in the middle of it.   

Brennan says that Trump is dangerous, because he is like a cornered animal, but it is the Democrats and especially the intelligence community that is the cornered animal here, and they are, as Brennan says, lethally dangerous. These people have to bury Trump, because he knows now what they did. It took relentless patriots like Sidney Powell, Devin Nunes, and Kash Patel to batter down doors and ferret out evidence, but they did. Trump knows the full extent of the intelligence community’s sedition and if he gets a second term, he will be gunning for the corrupt elements of our government. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, we are in a knife fight for our lives. So. are. they. 

In the months leading up to this election, many people warned of a coming Color Revolution. A Color Revolution is a type of regime change model favored by elements of our national security community—especially for use in Eastern Europe. A chief characteristic is an engineered, contested election scenario that undermines the legitimacy of the vote, sparks mass protests, and leverages the media to spread the false narrative that will accomplish the end goal, i.e. spread the narrative that effectuates the regime change we are seeking. Sound familiar? But, no one’s plans ever go off without a hitch, and the rigged election has now become a problem for the Democrats. We are in a race to uncover the fraud, and Brennan clearly wants to kick it up a notch—oust Trump early because he is “dangerous.” 

Many Americans have a skeptical, knee-jerk reaction to even the slightest hint that corruption or a coup could take place in the United States. It’s strange to me that people think we are somehow immune or that this is far-fetched, because the United States is very good at coups. We (the United States) have and do meddle all over the globe. Our CIA has its fingers in assassinations and government overthrows plenty. This is not a secret. It is an historical fact—see, e.g. Iran—and we have not changed. So, we know how to do coups. Given what is at stake, why is it strange that these ruthless people would not turn their talents inward?  

This is really important, and the American people should be both outraged and afraid. I say ‘afraid’ not to suggest we should be fearful and retreat, but only to describe the reaction a rational and reasonable person should have to the state of play right now. Although we are in a daunting position, we should always have courage. Brennan is suggesting a Plan B because he is afraid, too. We need to keep fighting as hard as we can.

Homework assignment for all of you: go to Amazon and watch the Plot Against the President to get an overview of how this all got started. Trust me, it is riveting. One of the stars that will stand out to you is a guy named Kash Patel. Note that yesterday, he was named Chief of Staff to the new acting Secretary of Defense. Second, start raising the alarm. I can promise you that critical parties in our government who should be in full gear investigating the fraud are not acting with the dispatch necessary to uncover the evidence we need in time.   

The American Mind/Mr. President, Attack.

Published at The American Mind on November 11, 2020.

Does Trump still have a chance? That’s the question that flooded my inbox Saturday after the media called the election for Biden. If there was massive voter fraud, as some Republicans have alleged, Trump absolutely has a path. But only aggressive action on the part of the president and unwavering determination from his supporters will make that path navigable.

Many pro-Trump, nationalist Republicans are confident that Trump has a path because they believe that the Democrats committed fraud and that Trump will prevail in the courts on that basis. Many people have analyzed the election and concluded that the Democrats committed both electronic and manual fraud. They think the turnout was more than the Democrats had planned for, and Trump support was high in demographics they didn’t anticipate. Many who have analyzed the statistics think that this forced the Democrats’ hand and they had to cheat more than they had bargained for, which in turn created both statistical anomalies and even impossibilities in some precincts. I myself have reviewed statistics reports that identify mathematically suspicious counties in swing states.

When all the litigation is said and done, Pennsylvania is almost certainly going to resolve for Trump. Arizona and Georgia, both within reach for the president, are incredibly tight. There will be recounts and lawsuits that determine into which column they ultimately land, and the hope is justice will prevail in every courtroom and case. But courts are uncertain battlegrounds, and judges alarmingly fickle.

The American people who believe that something is not right can help by vociferously demanding election integrity and accountability. The media and the Democrats rushed to proclaim Biden the winner to shift the mood of the country and settle the issue. They did it to cast Biden as the legitimate winner and frame challenges from Trump as despotic resistance or even a coup.

This mood will affect the judiciary. Courts are wary of invalidating votes in the best of times. Judges are people, too. It will be hard to hand down rulings that could result in Trump’s win and, perhaps even more daunting, the shockwaves across the country and the world that would follow. The Trump lawyers will need traction in the courts to win early steps that give them discovery. A national mood demanding answers will make it easier for judges to countenance all these varied suits. So, Americans who want to do something should speak up now, support the president, and demand election integrity.

At the end of the day, though, the only one who can settle this is the president himself. Donald Trump needs to do what he does best, what he did to win in 2016, and what made him such a successful President—he needs to do the unpredictable, the unorthodox, and the aggressive. If the statisticians are right and we are staring in the face of massive election fraud, he needs to attack on every possible front and he needs to do it now. He should launch the necessary suits or investigations that permit him to subpoena election workers; he needs to audit the counties where statisticians have identified suspicious anomalies; he needs a forensics team to examine the code; he needs an investigation of Dominion Voting Systems.

When the Democrats lost in 2016, they launched a two-year investigation into “Russian collusion” that consumed tens of millions of taxpayer dollars, diluted the Trump administration’s focus and energy, and ended in Robert Mueller’s conclusion that there was no collusion between Trump and the Russians. An allegation of an internal, rigged election is far more serious. If true, the foundation of the American Republic has been corrupted and our fundamental right to self-determination and self-government stolen from us. This allegation warrants even more than the onslaught the Democrats unleashed in 2016. If everything is aboveboard, these aggressive efforts will turn up nothing, thus re-establishing trust in our system for 71 million Americans and indeed for many of our friends and allies abroad.

But, if there is fraud, Trump’s full-force assaults should find a weak spot. Breaking through that crack will reveal a scheme that will shock the world. Any other Republican candidate would concede at this juncture—intimidated by the force of the media, the exultant mood of the Left, and the inevitable assault they will unleash if the election swings back to the Right. But Trump is a new kind of Republican.

If the Democrats have indeed committed mass voter fraud, they are in quiet fear of their precarious position. They’ve overplayed their hand and all the president needs to do is attack. The path to victory for Trump himself, to finally exposing the expansive corruption of the Left, and to the restoration of our democratic republic, requires nerve no other politician possesses. If Trump decides to do what every other Republican would flinch from, the Democrats know he will blow their scheme wide open. In this pivotal hour, Donald Trump must not flinch.

Mr. President, sir, let’s finish this.

Photo: Flickr Gage Skidmore