Mandated Vaccine to Fly?

The Epoch Times ran this op-ed on November 30, 2020: ‘Common Pass’ May Open the Door to Loss of Freedom.

Last month, United Airlines tested “[t]he first transatlantic trial of Common Pass, an app that creates a standard digital format for COVID-19 test results.”  Common Pass has been developed by the Commons Project and the World Economic Forum, and the hope is that it will both facilitate travel across borders and provide confidence to passengers that it is safe to fly again. The pass right now reports on a traveler’s COVID test status, but it could easily transition to track vaccination status, and indeed the industry expects it to do just that. The acceptance of these types of apps as a condition to travel is a very slippery slope and they should not be permitted for domestic flights. 

American Mind/Big Tech Imposes European-Style Law in American Jurisdictions, Challenging the Longevity of the First Amendment

My piece below was published by the American Mind on November 29, 2020.

Big Tech has infiltrated the American homeland and is imposing speech laws that resemble those of Europe, challenging the authority and longevity of the First Amendment. Although we share common ideals with other Western nations, we pursue and defend those ideals very differently. Nowhere is this more apparent than in our approach to speech.

It is important to understand how fundamentally different our country is from the rest of the world if we want to understand why Big Tech’s speech codes should not be inflicted on American citizens in American jurisdictions. Put another way, if the would-be monarchs of Silicon Valley get their way, their speech codes will ultimately undermine our American values of free speech and the First Amendment itself.  

The rest of this article is available at The American Mind here.

My Statement on the Conclusion of the Flynn Case & Why I Will Be Stepping Back From Politics for a Time

On November 25, 2020, President Trump issued a full pardon to Michael Flynn. I am thrilled for the Flynns, who are finally free from the nightmare of a government gone rogue and the clutches of a politically motivated court. General Flynn was innocent all along; the government acknowledged it had no case in May; and the fact that the President had to issue a pardon to put an end to the ongoing charade should act as a warning to all Americans that our justice system is in crisis. But today, I want to express my gratitude for being part of the Flynn case and explain why I will be stepping away from political activity, commentary, and analysis for the next nine months.  

Nov. 25 – Is the Tide Turning Toward Trump

This is a bit of a longer update, because it is the update I skipped yesterday rolled in with today’s.

I don’t want to speak prematurely, but I think the tide is turning for us this week. We are behind the eight ball, certainly. We should have felt this shift at least a week ago, but it’s not too late if we accelerate and build the momentum that I think is breaking our way. So, what’s been shifting positively?   


Democrats Do Drama – We Need to Stay Resolved, Disciplined, and Driven

Think about this election as having two tracks. Track I is the “regular” fraud. It is comprised of all the illegal conduct the democrats engaged in, from excluding poll watchers, to ballots materializing from unknown locations, to precincts not checking signatures as required by statute, to Democrats incentivizing voters with gas cards, and the sordid list goes on. Track II is the electronic fraud. It is the Dominion/foreign-intervention scheme that Sidney and some others are working to present proof of in court. Taken together, 2020 could be the most explosive election in U.S. history…if it isn’t already.

Nov. 18 – Stop Certification; Grassroots Must Stand Up; Update on the States

More and more it is looking like many of these battleground states have hopelessly tainted elections. The Democrats broke the law all over the place. They excluded poll watchers on polling day, they counted ballots in the dead of night while no one was watching, they have back-dated ballots, they have thrown away the envelopes that the ballots came in so we can’t rematch the ballots with signatures, they have mixed illegal ballots (ballots that didn’t comply with the applicable laws—late, or not properly signed, or what have you) in with good ballots thereby tainting them all, and so forth. The Democrats have done a bunch of stuff that makes it very hard for anyone to know which ballots should be counted and which should not. The Democrats think this is a check-mate moment. They expect us to throw up our hands and say, “well, since we can’t figure it out, I guess Biden gets to win.” This is where you, the grassroots, come in. The grassroots must rise up and say, no. We must insist that our voices be heard. We have a perfectly constitutional and appropriate mechanism to defend the sanctity of the vote. I don’t know if we will have to exercise it, but we must be ready if it comes to it.

Nov. 13 – Maricopa Recount; Georgia Recount Disaster; Grassroots Action Items

I have two important updates today from Arizona and Georgia.


The Trump campaign has filed a lawsuit in Arizona over the form that the state-mandated, post-election audit will take. According to Arizona state law, the county recorder must hand-count a random sampling of ballots for “quality control” after the election. The law mandates that 2% of the precincts or two precincts, whichever is greater, be sampled. There are 748 precincts in Maricopa. But, this election, Arizona consolidated voting to 175 voting centers. The Arizona Secretary of State’s manual has directed counties that used polling centers rather than precincts to sample 2% of the polling locations. The Trump campaign has asked the court to order Maricopa County to adhere to the language of the statute and sample 2% of the precincts (15 precincts). Trump’s lawyers argue, persuasively in my mind, that when the statute and the direction of the secretary of state are at odds, the statute controls. That is how it should be, in light of the plenary authority of the legislature to determine the manner and method of elections. So, keep an eye on that suit.

In the meantime, the Maricopa Board of Supervisors can order a county-wide, manual recount. The conservative activist I spoke to on the ground in Arizona asked me to put out a request to the grassroots to call the supervisors and make this request. Please, take a minute to call these people: 

District 1—Jack Sellers: 602-506-1776, email:

District 2—Steve Chucri: 602-506-7431, email

District 3—Bill Gates: 602-506-7652, email

District 4 –Clint Hickman: 602-506-7642, email

District 5—Steve Gallardo: 602-506-7092, email

I know everyone feels worked up, but try to be calm and polite and point out how critical it is for the nation that we all have confidence in the integrity of our election. They owe it to the nation to conduct a manual recount. 


We are being betrayed in Georgia. The hand recount that was supposed to be the “gold standard” according to Harmeet Dhillon, and a “recount, an audit, and re-canvas” all in one according to the secretary of state down there, is now turning out to be a superficial re-tabulation that will not identify the illegal votes or flag fraud. While listening to Bannon’s War Room this morning, John Fredericks reported that only one observer is watching for every ten teams and observers are so far away they cannot meaningfully observe what is happening. Additionally, it does not appear they are conducting any of the investigatory actions that would help reveal fraud, such as matching absentee ballots with addresses. This is an outrageous betrayal of the people of Georgia, and indeed a betrayal of the nation.

Georgia Governor Kemp and his Lt. Governor Duncan are both, according to Fredericks, AWOL. I have since confirmed this from other sources. While I was listening, it crossed my mind that if a recount reveals a scandalously compromised election, it would reflect very badly on the state leadership. It is the sort of thing that could end your political career. But, it could be worse than that.

I was on Raheem Kassam’s National Pulse show again today and we were discussing this recount. I have not done a deep dive, but Raheem wondered, and it is worth investigating—who approved the Dominion systems? Is there a money trail? Does Kemp have a financial connection to Dominion? Kemp has been governor since 2019. What was he before that? He was Georgia’s secretary of state.

I discussed the recount with Raheem Kassam on the National Pulse today:

Finally, there needs to be a demand for the Dominion systems to be impounded, taken off-line (but not turned off), and for a forensics expert to do an examination of the coding. Last night I was googling around about the Dominion system. The way it works is you make your selection on a touchscreen and the machine then spits out a paper receipt of sorts with a bar code you scan at the tabulator. But neither the voter nor anyone else can verify that the barcode is accurate. So, not only can you not verify that the machine has properly logged your vote, but the state cannot undertake a meaningful recount.

This critical flaw in the system was raised at the time the system was proposed for use in Georgia, but the state still bought it. The fact that you yourself cannot verity your vote and that the barcodes make it impossible to do a real recount or audit, should have disqualified Dominion from consideration. Our current quandary was wholly foreseeable, which leads one to conclude Dominion was deliberately chosen. The “bugs” seem to be a feature. And again, Kemp was in the middle of all of this.

Sidney was on Lou tonight. This is important to watch, and please blast it out everywhere:

Yesterday, the Washington Examiner ran an interview of President Trump by Byron York. In the interview, the President warned, “never bet against me.” That is the fighting spirit I like to see from Trump, and it is the spirit we all need, too. The Democrats stole this election, and not just by a little fraud here and there. It looks like they engaged in systemic and horrifying, pervasive fraud. Keep an eye on the litigation scene, because I think this corruption will be revealed, and it will shock every decent and honest person. It is imperative that each of us continues to fight at maximum effort. And no matter what you learn about the corruption in our country, and no matter how overwhelming and dark it feels when you do, remember that good people all over the country are doing their best to fight the good fight and restore the Republic. Together, we will win. We have only to be faithful.