1. The left is unhinged the political elites fully expected Hillary to seal the deal started when Bill was President. This was when his administration set the stage for the accounting scandal that was supposed to be quickly followed by the banking collapse but somewhat delayed by 911. These policies came about when the Hawaii political machine along with the gang of fourteen both headed by the late Senator Dan Inouye had a great deal of influence in his administration. As did the Chinese.

  2. Ms. McCann,
    For your boss, Ms. Sheldon. The most incredible attorney in this country. And the rest of the team for Pres. Trump that is investigating this travesty of justice.
    Anyway, when the team gets up to speak please remember that Pres. Hugo Chavez of Venezuela died about 5 years ago. I don’t remember if it was stomach cancer or not.
    Nicholas Maduro, his understudy now runs the country and I am intrigued to continue see how this plays out. Hopefully Trump will continue to win out.
    Listening to the pundits and tv hosts (NewsMax) also to say the least. make the statements of the election vote counting going on and Biden may win. If fraud is found to be true should the election at that point be stopped and then should there be an investigation into the procedures and was Biden involved and Trump then become the president.
    I hope in the future we can find another civilian rather than a career politician to run. I personally like this ADHD minded economical whiz kid.
    My son was diagnosed ADHD and I suspect I am ADHD and I’ll bet Pres. Trump is ADHD. I’ve hears from his staff on TV about his sleep habits, his reading habits of financial pages and magazines, etc., his sleep habits (3-4 hours a night). And his language sounds like my fathers (deceased)but talked like a construction guy & trucker and soldiers.
    Lastly, being a 20 year vet and I’ve had this thing about saluting and Pres. Trump renders a better had salute that 100% of officers I’ve served with. He salutes with respect to the service members when he boards or deplanes or is involved in military functions with military guards.

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