My Statement on the Conclusion of the Flynn Case & Why I Will Be Stepping Back From Politics for a Time

On November 25, 2020, President Trump issued a full pardon to Michael Flynn. I am thrilled for the Flynns, who are finally free from the nightmare of a government gone rogue and the clutches of a politically motivated court. General Flynn was innocent all along; the government acknowledged it had no case in May; and the fact that the President had to issue a pardon to put an end to the ongoing charade should act as a warning to all Americans that our justice system is in crisis. But today, I want to express my gratitude for being part of the Flynn case and explain why I will be stepping away from political activity, commentary, and analysis for the next nine months.  

It was an exceptional honor to help defend Lt. General Michael Flynn this past year and a half. General Flynn has been described, even by hostile publications, as one of the foremost intelligence officers of his generation. He helped revolutionize the way our military approaches, digests, and applies intelligence. Within the government, General Flynn had a no-nonsense approach that would have rooted out corruption and made our nation stronger and safer. It was a real blow to positive reform in the intelligence community when the Obama administration removed General Flynn from DIA, and an incalculable loss to the country and the world when they then succeeded in ousting him from the Trump administration.  General Flynn’s perspective, experience, and character made him one of those few people who—due to timing and position—was truly irreplaceable.

I have loved getting to know General Flynn and his wife Lori. General Flynn is a resolute, natural leader, and his wife Lori is an exceptional example of strength in suffering. I think in many ways it can be more painful to watch the people you love suffer than to suffer yourself, and Lori carried the stress and heartbreak of this case with such grace. Both the General and Lori were always impressively upbeat, and it has been wonderful to spend so much time with them. 

The extended Flynn clan is equally patriotic, tough, funny, warm and welcoming. Despite the circumstances, we enjoyed some really great times together, and I have many happy memories from our case. A special thank-you to General Flynn’s niece Alicia Kutzer, also an attorney, whose persistent research helped us at so many important junctures. 

I am thankful for our colleagues at Harvey & Binnall, PLLC, most especially Jesse Binnall and Abbie Frye, both of whom have become such good friends in the course of this fight. 

A thank-you to all of you who donated to the defense fund, wrote to us, tweeted at us, sifted through information, analyzed it, and shared it with our team. This truly was a battle for our General and for America, fought by the Flynn Digital Soldiers. Your support, help, and prayers were felt and deeply appreciated.    

In that vein, it has also been an honor to serve my country through this case that not only cleared an innocent patriot of false charges, but helped to reveal an attempted coup against a legitimately elected president. The manufactured Flynn prosecution was the “tip of the spear” that senior leaders in our law enforcement and intelligence agencies pointed directly at the heart of our democratic republic.  Although our current crisis has been building for years, the intelligence community’s machinations in 2016 and 2017 constituted the start of a more ruthless and overt assault on our republic. Exposing that attempted coup helped solidify and advance the new MAGA movement that will, in my opinion, transform America over the next decade. It has been a remarkable honor to be a part of the fight. 

Despite the recalcitrance of the court, we very clearly won the Flynn case in May when the government finally produced the shocking evidence of plotting and deceit uncovered by U.S. Attorney Jeff Jensen’s investigation, and subsequently moved to dismiss. We were vindicated by the D.C. Circuit panel, and the politically-biased morass into which the Flynn case then spiraled was only proof that parts of our judiciary have been infected with partisan, anti-Trump derangement. Michael Flynn’s innocence has been proven beyond a doubt with black and white evidence for anyone in the world to examine. 

Although I was not able to commit to any election litigation in the last month, I was able to help put together teams of statisticians, collect instances of fraud early on to pass to the attorneys building the various cases, and most of all, work on grassroots organization and messaging.

Very shortly now, I will be stepping away from politics for a time. Several years ago, I was hired to work for a judge in 2020-2021. Certainly, I did not foresee how 2019 and 2020 would develop for me or America. This summer it became clear that Judge Sullivan would unjustly drag out the Flynn case into the fall, and as my start-date approached, my judge generously let me waive three months of my clerkship to stay on the Flynn case. I determined, though, not to skip my clerkship entirely, and my start date was set for December 1.

I am very excited and privileged to work for my judge, who is an exceptional jurist and a wonderful mentor. I am required to be apolitical for the duration of my employment by the court. Of course, this means I will be stepping back from all election commentary and political analysis effective December 1. Although I will miss this election fight, I am looking forward to my clerkship and to slowing down, exploring the Lone Star State, reading more law and theory, and perhaps even writing the book I have been planning to pen about the America we all love so much. I am very confident this is the next step on the path God has sketched for me. 

Finally, I want to thank Sidney Powell for trusting me with the responsibility that she did on the Flynn case. I am so grateful for the close friendship we forged over a year and a half of constant communication and side-by-side work. She is a strong, supportive, generous, and deeply loyal friend. I have learned so much about litigation from Sidney and been inspired by her example of courage and leadership in pursuing justice and truth. In a world where the majority of people look to their left and their right before deciding how to act, we need people who have clarity of purpose and the strength of their convictions to fearlessly lead the charge for liberty. Sidney is one of those rare people. I am praying for her and for all of you as you continue the fight to restore America in these next few months.  


Molly McCann

Psalm 144:1

November 27, 2020


  1. Lino DeGasperis

    I am certain we will hear from you again in future.
    Best of luck as your career enters a new chapter.
    Many Blessings,
    Lino DeGasperis

    • Susan Evans

      I’m so very grateful to you, Molly! Your steadfastness in helping America’s General speaks for itself! Very best of blessings to you as you continue to pursue the call God has on your life! May your steps be abundantly clear and indeed anointed by the love and integrity of the Lord! Stay safe and know you are much appreciated and deeply admired and loved!

      • Julie Ursiny

        Molly McCann you are a breath of fresh air and a blessing. Praying for your continued success and we’ll being. Thank you for your example of leadership and love of country. I look forward to hearing of your future success and book. God bless you..

        • Joshua R Shalters

          May god bless you an protect you in your future please stay true an keep your faith

      • Connie Lee

        Thank you for your service and sacrifice. We look forward to your future endeavors.
        May God’s grace and God’s speed continually guide you and your family. Many blessings to you, Molly.

    • Sean Hughes

      God Bless you all!

      Thank You!

    • Doreen Blue

      Ms. McCann,

      You are a great example of the face that belongs on the Time magazine’s ‘Person of the Year’ issue.

      Americans appreciate you being part of the team who fought so tirelessly for OUR General – Gen. Flynn.

      I pray your transition out of politics and into your next endeavor is seamless.

      May God bless you always!

    • Mark Czerwin

      Thank you for all your work. That letter was soul warming. I wish you all the best in your journey. I feel great about our country knowing there is people like yourself and others that have our backs as fellow Americans! God bless you and the entire Flynn family and all other fellow patriots #MAGA

    • Alexandra Larratt

      Best of luck to you! We look forward to seeing where the future brings you.

      Alexandra Larratt

    • Great letter. I am very pleased to see such Americans fighting for us all. I am very glad to see Jesse Binnall involvement as he is a most capable fighter.

    • Vicki Smith

      Enjoy exploring our Lone Star State!! I hope you are able to root out some of the corruption going on here. We certainly are not without troubles. Best of luck!

    • Dee Pallante

      Best of luck to you, Molly! As I began your piece, I thought for sure you were going to announce that you were expecting a baby & needed to step back for “nine months”! You got me! I was a litigator in Philly for many years, specializing in complex trial & appellate litigation, and know the wonderful feeling of a job well done. Savor it and those incredible friendships you forged over the last eighteen months. Godspeed.

  2. Thank you for your service to the cause of liberty and working to right a wrong perpetrated by unelected bureaucrats.

  3. Peter Stoneman

    I live in the UK & have followed the General Flynn case virtually since Day 1. I have found the legal effort since Sidney took over inspiring. The strength involved is unimaginable. Good luck to you Molly for the future. I am all in for the work Sidney is now conducting and pray it all works out for the good of all.

  4. Brian Cusack

    You are an inspiration, true american patriot and hero. No doubt you will excel at whatever you choose, but people won’t forget your contribution. You will always have the support of 80 million people. Hopefully it will eventually be back in the fight to save America and everything that makes it so great!

  5. God bless you Molly, and thank you for your hard work and dedication. General flynn was so lucky to have you fighting by his side. I’ll miss your input on current issues.

  6. boiling frog

    Thank you for all this fight for G. Flynn, America and freedom. Really.
    Hope you will enjoy your next 9 month.
    And thank you for the pictures, great team and great leaders.

  7. Kim Brown

    Best if luck as you further your knowledge and career. You have done an outstanding job!

    • Susan Huggett

      The country was stifled and takes a huge breath of oxygen, and a sigh of relief from this dragged out injustice. God hears the prayers of His sheep. The world is crying out for more!

  8. You are an amazing patriot and America thanks you for your incredible work with Sidney! You will go down in history as one who fought the corruption machine! Blessings to you & your family!

  9. Jay Presser

    Good Luck I will miss you and your comments

  10. I’ve quickly grown to appreciate your insights after just recently getting to “know you” through your America’s Real Voice show appearances and segments. Hopefully you’ll continue to write here on your website as time permits.

    I’m confident that you’ll shine during your Clerkship and emerge a superstar where ever your experience and career guide you in the future!

    Thank you for fighting the good fight along with Sidney Powell and the other amazing people you’ve worked to exonerate General Flynn – and now again in late 2020 where you’ve been diligent in working to literally save this country from a multi-fronted fraudulent coup attempt by leftists and foreign entities in their attempt to destroy America.

    Cheers and best of luck in the new year!

  11. What a sweet letter honoring those you served. I have enjoyed following you on twitter and hear.
    I can’t wait to see what God has in store for you in the coming years.
    Jeremiah 29:11

  12. Terri-Ann Pocalyuko

    Best of luck to you Molly from your biggest Canadian fan!
    As the mother of a daughter currently in her first year of practicing law here in Toronto I can truly say you are an awesome inspiration to all young women everywhere! I know your mother must be so so proud of you! Cheers!!

  13. Thank you so much! Enjoy your new endeavor as you further your career in law, who knows, you may be a JCJ nominee one day !!

  14. Mary Bogdanovich

    Thank you for your work for General Flynn alongside Sydney Powell.
    I an sure you will continue nobel work. We are desperately in need of more people as you and Sydney. Our freedom and our republic face serious challenges, requiring the help of stout hearted citizens!

  15. Thank you for all of your work from the Flynn case to even updating us here on the post election info. Best of luck on your next chapter. God bless!

  16. Thank you for being a brave and hardworking Patriot! May God Bless You and Sidney and protect you forever!

  17. We’re grateful to God for His infinite wisdom in His loving Word. Thankfully, we have our Lord’s daily Bread and His many gifts of life around us!

    In 1999, my husband and I agreed to read a chapter of the Bible each day, book by book, until we pass away. We wake up in the morning and read the beginning and finish the chapter each evening; this consistent context has provided us with great insight and understanding. During our 28 year marriage, I have learned wisdom handed down through the ages and I hope that this information inspires you. May you sharpen your skills further in the months to come. I also wish you an incredible journey as you write your book.

  18. Welcome to the Republic of Texas! So excited to have you be a part of this great state! Thank you for all you have done!

  19. Denise Wilson

    We are blessed to have you in the Lone Star State! Best of luck to you! God bless you and keep you!

  20. Judy Ventre

    Molly, thank you for all you’ve done for Gen Flynn and our country. I hope this upcoming clerkship brings enjoyment as well as professional growth to your life. Best of luck to you.

  21. Thank you Molly. Truth and sincerity rings in your voice. Best wishes for the future.

  22. Jefferson Fuller

    Thank you for your hard work on this case and spirited defense of our founding principles. My prayer is that the Lord continues to equip you in this sacred cause. Fear not. Be bold. In all the conduct of your life, proclaim Christ crucified, resurrected, and ascended.

  23. Thank you so much for helping Sidney and the General. I so looked forward to your updates, but I shall survive. It is such an encouragement to see our young people stand up for righteousness. May you be blessed in your coming and your going. Looking forward to the next chapter. May He direct your path and keep you in His Arms.

  24. Kara Bloomfield

    God bless you on your new adventure and thank you for defending freedom in American on behalf of General Flynn and “We the People”!

  25. SuperStar!

  26. D. Clinton Cole

    Godspeed, Molly. May you enjoy the manifold benefits of knowing some semblance of peace, and knowing Him Who is truly Life and Liberty, the Lord Jesus Christ.

  27. Trevor Goss

    Thank you for being a great American and an inspiration to all of us to do and be better. You and Sidney set the high water mark for how a legal team *should* fight for their clients. Best of luck!

  28. Paul Luibel

    Rock on Molly.

    Super proud of You.

    Welcome to Tejas.

    Go get ‘um !

  29. You are a beautiful gift, blessed with remarkable faith and fortitude. Amen.

    For you, we are all grateful.

    Press on…

    Always in Him 🙏🏻✝️🇺🇸

  30. LibertyOne

    Molly: Thank you and everyone on the TEAM. You WILL be successful wherever you may go. Know that ALL of you did everything right. The so-called Judge Sullied did EVERYTHING WRONG and in a corrupt fashion.

  31. James Goodrich

    Molly, It has been a blessing to this Nation to have someone like you to defend it. I am grateful to know that we still have young patriotic Americans that fight for the truth in these tumultuous times.

  32. Jim Goodrich

    Thank you Molly for defending General Flynn and helping to shed light and provide the truth to this Nation during the aftermath of this corrupt election. America is a better place with patriots like you defending it. MAGA

  33. Thank you from Ireland.

  34. Luke Short

    Molly, you are a true American. You are doing the ‘right thing’ to separate politics from law, but, as you have seen firsthand, the Left has no such compunction.

    For the Left, the objective is unfettered and unquestioned power. That means the total abrogation of law and to pervert it into a weapon. It means using any means available, such as lying, personal defamation, theft, violence and threats of violence, to gain control over others.

    As you advance in your career, and perhaps become a judge yourself, remember that the Left and Right are not mirror images. The “Right’ is really just Americans, who love their country, their Constitution and their God. The Left are those who follow the violent lies of Marx, Lenin and Mao, which have taken millions of innocent lives in the last century. So when I Leftist is an opposing party, or sometime in the future, if they stand before you as plaintiff or defendant. Remember that their appeal to the law or the Constitution is a ruse, because they have no love or regard for either. They use these as a means to gain dictatorial control… if we let them.


  35. Bless you Molly and bless your mom !! Keep us updated on your life maybe in four years you & general Flynn Can take over for Trump LOL

  36. Thank you from the Parmar family for what you have done for the general and for our country. God bless you and best of luck in your future endeavors. We look forward to seeing you in the public guy in the upcoming years

  37. Juan Carlos Lozano

    Le deseo mucha suerte y éxitos en su nueva labor. Estoy seguro que va a seguir creciendo profesionalmente hasta llegar a ocupar muy altos cargos y responsabilidades. Que Dios la acompañe y la proteja.

  38. Excellent work Molly.
    Thank goodness justice and common sense prevailed on the Michael Flynn case.
    Please come back when you clerkship ends.
    The conservative movement needs your help and determination.

  39. Molly you too are an inspiration to America ❤️🇺🇸 God bless you , truly from the bottom If my heart thank you for being a Shining light in darkness !! Good luck to to a special young lady that will always do great things I do believe 🇺🇸❤️

  40. Tricia Campbell

    I’m so excited for you and so sad because I am new to your site and daily updates after watching you on Real America’s Voice and Newsmax. Thank you for all you’ve done so far as a part of Sidney’s team to bring back election integrity. I’m sure you’ll do very well in your next endeavor and will pray that God will open the doors for you that will bring you to the place He has prepared for your future.

    Thanks again for being such a tireless patriot!

  41. John Berkery

    You have been a great and unceasing advocate for Gen. Flynn over the course of his attempted lynching. The things you have witnessed during the Sullivan debacle surely taught you not to take even a judge at face value. There are many partisans out there. But your angelic countenance belies your bulldog Irish tenacity. So that kind of evens things up for our side.😊🇮🇪 You’ll be fine, Molly. You come from good stock. Wishing you all success in your new venture. God bless.
    John Berkery

  42. CorneliaBinkley

    Thank you for giving your all to General Flynn and President Trump. Wishing you success and your dreams come true on your way with a clerkship to, likely, a renowned judge. Please do not give my email address to any fundraisers for any politicians, WinRed, etc. they spam with emails snd texts to an unbearable degree.

  43. Molly,

    Thank you for your time, dedication to the truth and your actions to save the nation, as it were. I’m stoked for your next chapter, and look forward to following your career. You fought the good fight for America, now go pursue your path. Thank you again.


  44. Daniel Ernst

    You are a true patriot and an inspiration to this country. Thank you so very much for your efforts in aiding General Flynn. Enjoy your clerkship in Texas.
    God Bless You,

  45. james henderson

    Thank you Molly, you are one in a trillion who we all have admired and respected for your long hrs and hard work in all you did in helping Fight for General Flynn and his Family, but also for American Values and Heroism , Your wisdom and Help with such a Travesty for General Flynn n Family, for President Trumps team of winners he so badly needed General Flynn to Help him clean up all thats wrong in politics n Governement, good verses evil, and what was done to him and we the people will go down in History as one of the biggest and worst things a Government gone rogue has ever done to one person coming into a new presidency where the president was elected to clean up big Government by the people of the people and for the people, It made my blood boil with how the system treated our great General and his leadership in the position he was serving in was severed by traitors in his own country right from the start, I have been donating modestly to his defense fund monthly now, my small part to help, not much but after learning of his legal fees and General Flynn having to sell his house to pay for legal fees, I thought it was the least I could do, as a Patriot i love you all and know you put your heart and soul into this case and can’t imagine the toll it has taken on everyone and you, I want to say Thank you from me and my family for all you have done for our country and Great General Flynn and Family! I love all you have done being there for them, keeping us updated when you had or made time, and being True to yourself and taking this next step in life on your career path, I know Texas is one Lucking n deserving state to have you clerk there for now, and I have no doubt you will do great things there also ! I look forward in watching your career Path in the future and wish you all the best, I know you put your best into everything you do Molly, there is no way Americans like me could ever Thank you enough for all you did being Friends to General Flynn, Lori and Sidney Powell and America, but thank you with all my Heart and good luck with all you do in Life and Happy trails, God did Bless Texas it seems especially with you Molly, May God bless you always,
    James H

  46. Nathan V.

    Thank you for your courage and grit in behalf of General Michael Flynn and President Trump. I will miss hearing from you on the National Pulse. Much success in your future endeavors.

  47. Daniel G Barrett

    Excellent eye-opening article for those who are completely in the dark regarding globalist’s true ambitions. And their seizing on yet another “crisis” (Covid) to advance their ultimate goal of population control via health status and eventually other privileges. I suspect not long afterwards, it will contain ones politically-correct score based upon social media input and from neighborhood snitch reports a la the Soviet Union and today’s China.

  48. Robert M Miller


    You’ve earned time off, but I need your help desperately. Massive corruption in government agencies and courts.

    Miller v. McWilliams
    1:20-cv-671 EDVA

    In Re: Miller
    Federal Circuit

    Two MSPB appeals for whistleblower reprisal.

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