Nov. 12 – State Suits

I started my day on the phone with my hosting provider upgrading after General Flynn’s morning tweet crashed the site. A happy problem—thank you General Flynn for the shout-out! 

Today was a good day for Team Trump. While Arizona stalls and stalls, I have taken a break from watching their tumbleweeds blow to consider some of the other states I believe Trump actually won and that could still provide us the path to victory.  


In Pennsylvania, Joe Biden leads Donald Trump by 52,140 votes. Today, Trump won a favorable ruling when a judge held that Secretary of State Kathy Bookckvar acted without authority when she extended the deadline to submit proof of identification on mail-in ballots. The result is that the ballots of voters who submitted proof of ID between the 10th and 12th—the three days Boockvar extended the deadline beyond the deadline specified in the state’s election law—cannot be counted. I do not know how may ballots are at play here, and I assume not that many. But it is a good starting point reaffirming the plenary authority of the legislature that will dovetail with some of Trump’s other complaints that are challenging large quantities of votes.  

Everyone knows PA will go to the Supreme Court. The million-dollar question, though, is what will the remedy be? I do not know the answer to that, but we need to be ready for the possibility that the Court kicks it back to the legislature to fix. If this is kicked back to the state, Pennsylvania people, you have to be ready. Get organized, and start stiffening the spines of your legislators, because if the 2020 election comes barreling down on them the pressure will be enormous.  


Michigan is getting very exciting. Biden is up in Michigan by 146,000 votes, and although this sounds daunting, the instances of illegal tabulation and fraud in Michigan are extraordinary. There are two very promising cases that are ongoing.

The first suit has actually been brought by a non-partisan organization in Michigan called the Great Lakes Justice Center. In the last few years, Michigan added a new constitutional provision that permits residents/voters to request an audit of any election. So, the Great Lakes Justice Center is requesting an independent audit.  Critically, it would be an audit of the results. This has been my constant fear when people say we should audit. Election audits are often just process audits that probably would not uncover the issues we believe are hiding in these counties. It is significant that this group is requesting a results audit, not a process audit. 

In addition, the Great Lakes Justice Center’s suit has equal protection claims, fraud, and so forth, and backed up by affidavits. You can read the filing here.   

Meanwhile, the campaign has a suit, too. Thor Hearne, a conservative attorney out of my own hometown, St. Louis, filed the complaint in Michigan on behalf of President Trump. This suit is seeking an injunction to stop certification statewide, and specifically in Wayne County, and for other relief. You can read the filing here

Both those suits are heavy hitters. I think we should have a lot of confidence in them. At least I do. To remind you, Trump is down by 145,000 votes, but there are around 850,000 ballots in Wayne County alone. We have a solid shot at Michigan…and it has 16 electoral votes. 


What is going on in Wisconsin? Biden is ahead by 20,557 in Wisconsin, yet there are, to my knowledge, no suits there. When a potential recount was first announced, Scott Walker immediately got on Twitter with a defeatist message that a recount was unlikely to change the outcome.   After speculation the campaign did not want to pay for the recount (approx. $3 million), Trump’s team has finally announced it will pursue the recount. I sing the same refrain, no matter the state—a recount is all but meaningless if you aren’t doing a results audit. Given the fraud we believe took place in Milwaukee, a thorough, results recount might be all we need, but I’d prefer some complementing litigation. I certainly am not getting energized vibes from Wisconsin.  


I will have an update on the recount tomorrow. 

As you may know, one of Trump’s suits in Georgia has already been dismissed. I have been concerned about the lack of legal action in Georgia, too, but Lin Wood is on the ground and reportedly planning to file suit soon. Hopefully more on that later. Georgia is critical. 


Arizona will have to overhaul its system after this election. Almost nothing came in today, and from the ballots that were reported, Biden extended his lead just a little. It is hard to look at Arizona, and the time it has taken the ballots to come in, and not feel suspicious. I’ll have a legal update on AZ tomorrow.

Finally, I was on Raheem Kassam’s National Pulse show today, starting around the 20:00 mark.

Yesterday was a little discouraging; today was a good day. I think we will have a number of these ups and downs before this is all over. The thought that keeps returning to me and energizing me is that Donald Trump won this election on November 3. After four years of optimism, economic growth, strong national defense, the American people chose four more years. We voted and we won, and while we were sleeping bad people stole that win from us. We can absolutely take it back. The more people energized and organized to do reclaim our country, the faster we will get there. Keep spreading the word that this is not over, and continue to demand that the GOP leadership support the President, because supporting Trump’s struggle is really fighting to vindicate the will of the people.

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Nov. 11 – Arizona Slipping Away; Georgia Recount; DOJ & FBI Betrayal

Eight days after the election, Arizona is still counting votes, but after the latest returns, it looks like Trump probably won’t be able to overtake Biden. I could be wrong. I’d be happy to be wrong tomorrow. But, it doesn’t look good.


Trump is still down by 11,635 after a recent group of results didn’t break where he needed them to.  Decision Desk moved Arizona fully blue. There are 18,514 provisional ballots outstanding and 24,748 total still out. The bulk still out are from Pima. The big question is how many provisional ballots end up actually counting, and I don’t know the answer to that. The numbers are tough. In my opinion, we really needed to win this cleanly, and although I am no election numbers expert, I don’t see that happening at this point. The final tally will still be razor thin, and it may be that once the lawsuits are sorted, Trump pulls it out. For tonight, it is certainly not the news we wanted.

It turns out that the Arizona recount law is much tougher than I thought it was. I don’t think that this race will trigger a recount, but according to Trump campaign official Boris Epshteyn, individual counties can do recounts. There are, of course, legal challenges ongoing in Arizona, including a suit in Maricopa called the “Don’t Touch the Green Button.” To me, it hardly sounds like a game-changer, but I haven’t looked at any of the filings. 

Snell & Wilmer, the largest firm representing the Trump campaign, withdraw as counsel today. According to Westlaw: “Two other large law firms that have represented the Trump campaign in election litigation, Jones Day and Porter Wright Morris & Arthur, have faced an onslaught of online criticism this week from critics who say the cases erode confidence in the democratic process, sparked by a Monday New York Times story focused on the firms’ roles.” Notice how the NYT is leveraging public opinion and criticism against Trump’s efforts–“erode confidence in the democratic process.” More on AZ litigation here.

Importantly, Dominion was used in Arizona. If we are right about Dominion, a lot of things will suddenly be in play.


Biden is up 14,056 in Georgia. The state announced today it would go to a hand recount, which it anticipates will take three weeks. Georgia’s Secretary of State (a Republican who believes the election results are accurate), said that the recount would be “an audit, a recount, and a re-canvas all at once,” which will “be a heavy lift.” To me, the key here is that the audit has to be super rigorous and carefully observed by pro-Trump supporters. Harmeet Dhillon said on Lou Dobbs tonight that the audit would “at a minimum, sample these ballots to verify their accuracy.” I’d like more details on what that means, but the minimum doesn’t sound great. Some election audits are more along the lines of making sure the machines work properly and, as Harmeet noted, sampling a few ballots for accuracy. I don’t think that will be good enough. We cannot win this fight using the traditional methods. The stats suggest that DeKalb and Fulton Counties had ballot dumps. The Republican Party should insist on an investigation of these two counties.  

Doug Collins, as I mentioned in an earlier post, is overseeing the recount in Georgia for the Trump campaign. He is a good guy, so let’s pray the audit is a rigorous one. The Republican Party in Georgia sounds like it is a hot mess right now, though. Talk about bad timing for an intra-party meltdown. 

Michigan & Wisconsin 

Wisconsin should have been ours, and currently about 20,557 votes separate Biden and Trump. If there was fraud there, which there pretty clearly was, I think this state could flip. In Michigan the deficit is much larger. Biden leads by 146,137. I haven’t tracked these two states closely, but given where we are in Arizona, I will start to dig into them tomorrow. 

If we can’t take Arizona—assuming we take Pennsylvania, which is the safest bet of 2020—we can still win with Georgia and Wisconsin. Both Georgia and Wisconsin have highly suspicious counties that have been tagged for likely fraud by the stats team. If we can prove it, we can flip them. 

Recalcitrance of the Bureaucracy 

I’d say the steepest part of this uphill battle, though, is the recalcitrance of federal law enforcement. The FBI and the DOJ are going to run out the clock on Trump. We know the FBI is corrupt and is doubtless desperate for Biden to win. A Trump second term would bring a sweeping wave of reform to the Bureau. As to DOJ, I recently was told by someone who knows, that DOJ is not moving with enough pep in the election fraud space. I am telling you, DOJ is tired of Trump, too. This should outrage every single American. These federal officials are either actively anti-Trump, or they don’t want to face the turbulence that will follow a red win. I don’t know what the exact solution is. Donald Trump should do whatever he needs to do to get the right people in the proper positions to make things happen. Attorney General Barr should move people around and assemble a loyal, committed, and driven team. If Barr won’t do that, Trump should fire him. I think Bill Barr is a wonderful, brilliant, patriotic man, and I’d fire him without blinking. This is an all-hands-on-deck constitutional crisis. Anyone dragging his or her feet needs to sit this one out.   

If the betrayal of the federal agencies isn’t sufficiently clear, listen to this short clip of James O’Keefe’s whistleblower. This man is trying to intimidate and shut this whistleblower down. Notice what the USPS Inspector General investigator is saying. He’s really saying no one wants this to become a scandal; no one wants Trump to successfully blow the corruption open. They want to “harness the storm,” and they want to “try to reel it back in before it gets really crazy.” The pressure to button this down, sweep the fraud under the rug and Trump out of the White House, and go back to business as usual, is beyond what you can imagine. The Left, the media, the federal bureaucracy, the President’s own agencies…they all want it to go away.   

Too many people you and I are counting on to do their duty and investigate this fraud are not on our side. That’s why I wrote this article, which was published at American Mind this evening: “Mr. President, Attack.” We have to support him, but he is commander-in-chief, only he can take on the bureaucracy on behalf of the American people.

A lot of this report probably feels discouraging, but as worried as we feel, they are even more afraid. As explained in my post this morning, Brennan is afraid. He wants Trump removed if he keeps digging, because Brennan knows if Trump keeps digging, he’ll find something. The USPS IG investigator in O’Keefe’s video was ordered to “harness the storm” and “reel it back in” because things will get crazy. But the reality is that the crazy they are worried about is Trump proving that the Democrats rigged the election. Arizona numbers tonight aren’t great, but if there was mass voter fraud, there is a path forward and we are duty bound to follow it. You are never allowed to give up on America…ever. 🙂 And we have the upper hand here, too, even if sometimes the opposition feel insurmountable. So, be hopeful, be energized, and press on!

Addendum after multiple messages of despair: if this post sounded too discouraged, scratch it up to my fatigue. Arizona hasn’t finished its count (I could be wrong–maybe Trump will win it tomorrow by 200 votes); Arizona has legal challenges that need to be sorted; Arizona has fraud issues. I am disappointed by the returns today, and I do want you to have a sense of urgency. But, don’t be discouraged. Let’s see what the final verdict is on Arizona and plot the course from there. We might be able to win Arizona back if we lose it, or we can just go ahead and get to 270 without them.

The Democrats Want To Forcibly Remove Trump From Office Before Inauguration Day

Yesterday got away from me, so I didn’t do an election update. I will do one later today. Right now, I want to talk about what is happening with this election behind the scenes. Well, it’s actually very apparent, but perhaps it needs some translating. 

On Monday, John Brennan was a guest on CNN. Cuomo asked Brennan what could be done to stop Trump’s plans to hold onto the presidency in the next 72 days (again, note that by calling the election early, the media framed Trump as illegitimate and clinging to power). Brennan replied:

“Well, if Vice President Pence and the Cabinet had an ounce of fortitude and spine and patriotism, I think they would seriously consider invoking the 25th Amendment and, you know, pushing Donald Trump out, because he is just very unpredictable now. He is like a cornered cat, tiger, and he is going to lash out. And the fact, again, that he has the powers of the presidency in his hands is quite worrisome. Now, we know that Attorney General Barr has done Donald Trump’s bidding in the past. Will he continue to do that vis-à-vis this election? I don’t know. But I do think it’s something that the members of Congress, the leadership of the Republican Party, really needs to send clear signals to Donald Trump that if he goes — continues to go along this path, they are going to put up roadblocks.” [emphasis added]

This is very, very dangerous talk. John Brennan is a former director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). CIA can boast many wonderful, patriotic, and courageous men and women who work tirelessly and take breathtaking risks to keep this country safe. It also has in its ranks some of the most cunning, ruthless, and evil people America has ever produced. John Brennan is the latter. At this point, in many respects, the CIA operates without accountability. I cannot stress to you enough how powerful CIA is and how corrupt many elements of its leadership are. If John Brennan is out on CNN talking about removing the President, he and his cronies have war-gamed out the options. Trust me. 

Even if Trump had lost, he is the duly elected President of the United States until noon on January 20th. But, as we discussed yesterday, he has not even lost the election yet. Every honest observer knows that Pennsylvania is almost certain to settle in the red column after the ballot issues are fully sorted. Arizona and Georgia haven’t even fully tallied their votes, and each will go to a recount. Framing Trump as this dangerous imposter is deliberate and dangerous.  

We are in the midst of an ongoing attempted coup. It’s been ongoing since 2016—since Donald Trump was elected. The intelligence community wants Trump out and it has from the start. If you’ve followed the General Michael Flynn case in the past year, you know this already. What Obama, Clinton, Comey, Biden, Brennan et al did was nothing short of an attempt at a bloodless coup.  

On September 29, 2020 (the day we had our 48a hearing in front of Judge Sullivan, actually—this news literally broke while Sidney was arguing, and someone handed me the report during a break we had due to technical difficulties in the court’s video programs), John Ratcliffe, the current Director of National Intelligence (DNI) released a single page memo that was an absolute bombshell. You can see it here. It reported that in July of 2016 the U.S. intelligence agencies discovered that the Russians had found out that Hillary Clinton had approved a plan to sabotage Donald Trump’s campaign. John Brennan was CIA director at the time. He briefed then-President Obama on what they’d learned. What was Hillary’s plan? It was “a proposal from one of her foreign policy advisors to vilify Donald Trump by stirring up a scandal claiming interference by Russian security services.” Russian collusion. Brennan, Obama, the intelligence community—they all knew. They knew Russian collusion was a hoax and they ran with it. They embraced it and when Donald Trump was elected, they used it as a vehicle to retard the forward momentum of Trump’s administration and, indeed, to oust him from office. It was an attempted, bloodless coup and Brennan was right in the middle of it.   

Brennan says that Trump is dangerous, because he is like a cornered animal, but it is the Democrats and especially the intelligence community that is the cornered animal here, and they are, as Brennan says, lethally dangerous. These people have to bury Trump, because he knows now what they did. It took relentless patriots like Sidney Powell, Devin Nunes, and Kash Patel to batter down doors and ferret out evidence, but they did. Trump knows the full extent of the intelligence community’s sedition and if he gets a second term, he will be gunning for the corrupt elements of our government. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, we are in a knife fight for our lives. So. are. they. 

In the months leading up to this election, many people warned of a coming Color Revolution. A Color Revolution is a type of regime change model favored by elements of our national security community—especially for use in Eastern Europe. A chief characteristic is an engineered, contested election scenario that undermines the legitimacy of the vote, sparks mass protests, and leverages the media to spread the false narrative that will accomplish the end goal, i.e. spread the narrative that effectuates the regime change we are seeking. Sound familiar? But, no one’s plans ever go off without a hitch, and the rigged election has now become a problem for the Democrats. We are in a race to uncover the fraud, and Brennan clearly wants to kick it up a notch—oust Trump early because he is “dangerous.” 

Many Americans have a skeptical, knee-jerk reaction to even the slightest hint that corruption or a coup could take place in the United States. It’s strange to me that people think we are somehow immune or that this is far-fetched, because the United States is very good at coups. We (the United States) have and do meddle all over the globe. Our CIA has its fingers in assassinations and government overthrows plenty. This is not a secret. It is an historical fact—see, e.g. Iran—and we have not changed. So, we know how to do coups. Given what is at stake, why is it strange that these ruthless people would not turn their talents inward?  

This is really important, and the American people should be both outraged and afraid. I say ‘afraid’ not to suggest we should be fearful and retreat, but only to describe the reaction a rational and reasonable person should have to the state of play right now. Although we are in a daunting position, we should always have courage. Brennan is suggesting a Plan B because he is afraid, too. We need to keep fighting as hard as we can.

Homework assignment for all of you: go to Amazon and watch the Plot Against the President to get an overview of how this all got started. Trust me, it is riveting. One of the stars that will stand out to you is a guy named Kash Patel. Note that yesterday, he was named Chief of Staff to the new acting Secretary of Defense. Second, start raising the alarm. I can promise you that critical parties in our government who should be in full gear investigating the fraud are not acting with the dispatch necessary to uncover the evidence we need in time.   

The American Mind/Mr. President, Attack.

Published at The American Mind on November 11, 2020.

Does Trump still have a chance? That’s the question that flooded my inbox Saturday after the media called the election for Biden. If there was massive voter fraud, as some Republicans have alleged, Trump absolutely has a path. But only aggressive action on the part of the president and unwavering determination from his supporters will make that path navigable.

Many pro-Trump, nationalist Republicans are confident that Trump has a path because they believe that the Democrats committed fraud and that Trump will prevail in the courts on that basis. Many people have analyzed the election and concluded that the Democrats committed both electronic and manual fraud. They think the turnout was more than the Democrats had planned for, and Trump support was high in demographics they didn’t anticipate. Many who have analyzed the statistics think that this forced the Democrats’ hand and they had to cheat more than they had bargained for, which in turn created both statistical anomalies and even impossibilities in some precincts. I myself have reviewed statistics reports that identify mathematically suspicious counties in swing states.

When all the litigation is said and done, Pennsylvania is almost certainly going to resolve for Trump. Arizona and Georgia, both within reach for the president, are incredibly tight. There will be recounts and lawsuits that determine into which column they ultimately land, and the hope is justice will prevail in every courtroom and case. But courts are uncertain battlegrounds, and judges alarmingly fickle.

The American people who believe that something is not right can help by vociferously demanding election integrity and accountability. The media and the Democrats rushed to proclaim Biden the winner to shift the mood of the country and settle the issue. They did it to cast Biden as the legitimate winner and frame challenges from Trump as despotic resistance or even a coup.

This mood will affect the judiciary. Courts are wary of invalidating votes in the best of times. Judges are people, too. It will be hard to hand down rulings that could result in Trump’s win and, perhaps even more daunting, the shockwaves across the country and the world that would follow. The Trump lawyers will need traction in the courts to win early steps that give them discovery. A national mood demanding answers will make it easier for judges to countenance all these varied suits. So, Americans who want to do something should speak up now, support the president, and demand election integrity.

At the end of the day, though, the only one who can settle this is the president himself. Donald Trump needs to do what he does best, what he did to win in 2016, and what made him such a successful President—he needs to do the unpredictable, the unorthodox, and the aggressive. If the statisticians are right and we are staring in the face of massive election fraud, he needs to attack on every possible front and he needs to do it now. He should launch the necessary suits or investigations that permit him to subpoena election workers; he needs to audit the counties where statisticians have identified suspicious anomalies; he needs a forensics team to examine the code; he needs an investigation of Dominion Voting Systems.

When the Democrats lost in 2016, they launched a two-year investigation into “Russian collusion” that consumed tens of millions of taxpayer dollars, diluted the Trump administration’s focus and energy, and ended in Robert Mueller’s conclusion that there was no collusion between Trump and the Russians. An allegation of an internal, rigged election is far more serious. If true, the foundation of the American Republic has been corrupted and our fundamental right to self-determination and self-government stolen from us. This allegation warrants even more than the onslaught the Democrats unleashed in 2016. If everything is aboveboard, these aggressive efforts will turn up nothing, thus re-establishing trust in our system for 71 million Americans and indeed for many of our friends and allies abroad.

But, if there is fraud, Trump’s full-force assaults should find a weak spot. Breaking through that crack will reveal a scheme that will shock the world. Any other Republican candidate would concede at this juncture—intimidated by the force of the media, the exultant mood of the Left, and the inevitable assault they will unleash if the election swings back to the Right. But Trump is a new kind of Republican.

If the Democrats have indeed committed mass voter fraud, they are in quiet fear of their precarious position. They’ve overplayed their hand and all the president needs to do is attack. The path to victory for Trump himself, to finally exposing the expansive corruption of the Left, and to the restoration of our democratic republic, requires nerve no other politician possesses. If Trump decides to do what every other Republican would flinch from, the Democrats know he will blow their scheme wide open. In this pivotal hour, Donald Trump must not flinch.

Mr. President, sir, let’s finish this.

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This Is Why Trump Shouldn’t Concede – Hillary Said Not To!

Under no circumstances should Donald Trump concede. He shouldn’t concede because he has not lost yet. Hillary Clinton gave this advice to Joe Biden just before the election:

Hillary Clinton: “Under no circumstances should Joe Biden concede the election…because I think this is going to drag out and, eventually, I do believe he will win if we don’t give an inch, and if we are as focused and as relentless as the other side.” There you go. The Democrats and the media are screaming that Trump needs to concede, but in the reverse situation, they would be doing exactly what we are doing, and frankly, they would be more aggressive. Clinton says we are focused and relentless, but that is kind of laughable. Everyone knows that the old Republican Party is neither focused nor relentless; it caves to the Democrats every time, as you can see from the many prominent “Republicans” like George W. Bush and Mitt Romney who are out prematurely congratulating Biden for his media win. 

The Democratic Party beats up on the country club Republicans all the time, but it has never really gone to war with the Nationalist Republicans—with Trump’s MAGA Party. This is our first time the Democrat Party has met the new, Nationalist MAGA Republicans in a pitched battle. I don’t know if we will have the relentless focus to match the Democrats, but if we are going to win, we have to rise to the challenge. So, again my message is be aggressive. 

Let’s run through some other very pertinent stats. 

This was no blue wave. Even if we are not right, and there was no massive fraud (there was, but for the sake of argument) Donald Trump has garnered over 70 million votes right now. In 2016, he only got 62 million. Trump expanded his support from the American people by 8 million votes this year. His support among blacks, Cubans, Hispanics, LGBTQ…all are up this second election cycle. Contrast this to Barack Obama, who garnered 69 million votes when he won in 2008 and only 65 million in 2012. Obama’s support after four years trended down; Donald Trump’s support exploded up. 

But, the fraud is the issue. Democrats spend a lot of time talking about trusting science, so let’s trust some math. According to Richard Baris (@peoples_pundit on Twitter) “we are now approaching, and in some metros will exceed, turnout levels that are comparable to nations where mandatory voting is the law.” He pointed to a BBC article from 2016 titled Vote Rigging: How to Spot the Tell-Tale Signs which said, “You never get a 98% or 99% turnout in an honest election. You just don’t.” BBC said this level of turnout triggered a presumption of fraud. Furthermore, I’ve been watching the reports on the statistics coming in, both for the Trump Team and for Sidney. These are people doing practically round the clock work crunching numbers. The numbers are showing statistical impossibilities. I might get with Wilson and pull together some stats for a post, but it’s also being widely reported on conservative outlets.

The Democrats and the media are trying to engineer this election. Consider that Fox et al called Arizona and Georgia for Biden, where only about 10,000 – 15,000 votes separate the two candidates (and both states will be going to recounts), but the media refuses to call North Carolina for Trump, where the President is up by over 75,000 votes. Can you see how we are fighting media misinformation? It’s extraordinary. The Democrats and the media have made us into a banana republic. 

We aren’t going to give in. 70 million voters are energized and want answers. The Supreme Court said in Bush v. Gore, “the right to vote as the legislature has prescribed is fundamental; and one source of its fundamental nature lies in the equal weight accorded to each vote and the equal dignity owed to each voter.” The fundamental right to vote is on the line here. Can because if illegal votes are being counted, as we think they are, then our votes no longer carry equal weight. Every American deserves full and aggressive investigation.  

That’s it for now. The key here, though, is that Trump has not conceded because he has not lost yet. He is doing exactly what Hillary Clinton counseled Biden to do if Biden found himself in the same scenario, and we can still win this election. Don’t let the Democrats get away with this level of hypocrisy and don’t let them gaslight you into defeatism. We are marching. This is the moment we will find out the mettle of the MAGA movement. I believe we have the courage and the resolve to finally measure up to the Democrats. If we choose to, we can do it.   

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Nov. 9 – Mixed Ballot Returns; Trump Fires Esper

Today was a slow day for ballot counting, and the focus was instead on the ongoing suits and suits being filed. The big-ticket filing was the complaint in Pennsylvania. It is 105-pages long. I haven’t read it yet, but the attorney who forwarded it on said it was devastating (in a good way). As noted, I think PA will go to SCOTUS and whatever the outcome of that litigation, the end result will be that the state goes red.  


Trump is trailing now by 14,746. So, he is still tightening it up. I didn’t see how the last group broke, but this afternoon a batch came in from Cochise breaking at 67% Trump, which is the exact percentage he needs. He has to hold that for the rest of the count. There are still about 75,000 votes out. 

It’s a bit of a mess in Arizona. Lots of people are saying that their votes aren’t being reported, and there have been a lot of demonstrations demanding integrity of the vote, which is good. We really, really need this state to go red.  


Trump trailing by 12,337, so he lost ground today.  Remember, days ago the theory was that the Democrats pivoted to Georgia when they realized that Arizona was going to collapse on them. Even though today wasn’t great by the numbers, I do think that Biden could easily lose his lead here based on the reports I am hearing about some of the ballots. 

Trump’s Activity Today 

Trump kicked back into gear today, tweeting up a storm and firing Secretary of Defense Mark Esper. Esper said he resigned, which is government-speak for fired. This is a very good development. To get through this next month or two, Trump needs to have people around him whom he can trust, especially the people controlling the military. Because, the truth is that if Trump wins back his electoral votes, it will get ugly. Esper’s farewell comments included the remark that he “protected the institution” and “preserved his integrity.” Shades of Comey. 

Later in the day, DOJ announced that Attorney General Barr has authorized prosecutors to investigate voter fraud claims. The Director of Election Crimes Branch (career attorney named Pilger) read through the policy and “considered its ramifications,” and he resigned. This is the problem with the bureaucracy; it is chock full of liberals and leftists. The presidents come and go, but the bureaucracy waits them out and continues to follow its preferred course. Even worse, it turns out that Pilger was closely involved with Lois Lerner targeting conservative organizations during the Obama admin (remember when they went after the Tea Party group). Consider that Trump has been President for four years and Pilger still held his position of power. We didn’t get enough done in four years. This is also an example of why you should ignore the complaining when careerists are pushed out. They aren’t canonized saints by virtue of the “career” position; plenty of them are deeply, deeply corrupt. At least Pilger is resigning instead of fighting the investigations.

Complicit Media

Finally, we’ve gotten pretty used to bias and misinformation across the board, and really blatant and draconian censorship from Big Tech. But today, Neil Cavuto on Fox cut away from a press conference at which Kayleigh McEnany was alleging that the Democrats are welcoming fraud. It was astoundingly and openly patronizing to the American people. The media’s complicity in engineering this election is pretty blatant.

So, that’s the scoop. The frenzy of the first chaotic days has subsided into the grind of litigating and politically maneuvering our way to victory. The only thing I am on pins and needles over is Arizona. It will be close, but if Trump could pull that one out cleanly it would put us in a very, very good position.

Until tomorrow…

Nov. 8 – Key Races Tightening

A very quick update on three key states. 


Still crazy town. As you probably recall, the Supreme Court issued an order on Friday directing the state to segregate the ballots that were received after 8pm from all the others. This is a pretty major tip of the hand from SCOTUS that those ballots will be rejected. 

But, there is a glitch. The Republican Party is claiming that PA has defied the multiple court orders it has received and has not segregated the ballots. If the Supreme Court determines that the late ballots cannot be included in the count, but they’ve already been mixed up into the general ballots… Houston, we have a problem.  I hope it doesn’t come to it, but Pennsylvania needs to be prepping its state legislature to do its constitutional duty. 


As of 9:30pm tonight, Biden leads Trump by 10,353, so continuing to tighten. Not all ballots have been counted, and unless ballots have materialized while I wasn’t paying attention (entirely possible), those outstanding ballots should still be largely military. 

Meanwhile, 132,000 “change of address” ballots in Fulton have been flagged. Fulton went 72% for Biden, so even if some of these are thrown out, it should be good for us. I’ve seen some people claiming all 132k will be ineligible, but I don’t see how that necessarily follows and can’t confirm it. Let’s play it safe and say if just some of them are tossed, it’s still good for us.   

Georgia is still headed for a recount, and Doug Collins has been tasked with heading up the campaign’s recount team. I hope recount means something more like an audit.

Finally, don’t forget the U.S. Senate is now ostensibly in jeopardy. Everyone is looking for money at this point, but if you are in the giving mood, donate to those campaigns. We have to hold the Senate. If Mitt Romney were on the ballot, you’d still need to vote for him. We have to hold the Senate; we can fight about everything else later. 


We got the count on another bunch of ballots tonight around 6pm. Trump won 65% of that, so it’s still tightening. He’s down by 16,985. Trump needs almost 61% of the remaining outstanding vote. I don’t know how many ballots are still out. As noted in the post before last, based on where these votes are coming from—mostly suburban and rural Maricopa—Trump has a very healthy shot at hitting his number, but it is obviously razor tight.  

To me, those three states combined are the clearest path to victory, but the heat is turning up on Wisconsin and Michigan, and of course, there are lawsuits ongoing in Nevada. 

Quick Point About Media Framing 

The Washington Post reported that Trump’s administration won’t permit Biden’s transition team to do its work:

A Trump administration appointee is refusing to sign a letter allowing President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team to formally begin its work this week, in another sign the incumbent president has not acknowledged Biden’s victory and could disrupt the transfer of power.

The administrator of the General Services Administration, the low-profile agency in charge of federal buildings, has a little-known role when a new president is elected: to sign paperwork officially turning over millions of dollars, as well as giving access to government officials, office space and equipment authorized for the taxpayer-funded transition teams of the winner.It amounts to a formal declaration by the federal government, outside of the media, of the winner of the presidential race.

But by Sunday evening, almost 36 hours after media outlets projected Biden as the winner, GSA Administrator Emily Murphy had written no such letter. And the Trump administration, in keeping with the president’s failure to concede the election, has no immediate plans to sign one. This could lead to the first transition delay in modern history, except in 2000, when the Supreme Court decided a recount dispute between Al Gore and George W. Bush in December[emphasis added]

Of course they aren’t letting Biden people in. Another crazy false narrative from the msm. The votes haven’t even been fully tallied, there are several recounts that must be done, and President Trump has pending litigation. The last time an election was contested (2000) the very same delay took place, as the article notes at the bottom (facially contradictory paragraph). Again, the Biden campaign and the media had a strategy in calling this so early—frame Trump as the illegitimate president and sweep the rest under the rug. Biden is the candidate illegitimately trying to grasp power before he is entitled to it. In the process, he is trying to trample down the calls to inspect the integrity of the vote, which is a violation of our right to vote, a core element of which is that our ballots carry equal weight. This dispute is not just about Trump’s desire to stay president. Don’t let people bully you into this idea we have to just accept Biden as the winner. He hasn’t won yet, he very well might not win, and our fundamental right to vote requires the process to rigorously play out.

People, it was a good day. The media and the Democrats are pretending this is over and their supporters all think it is over, but it is not. Donald Trump is still very competitive in this race. In that vein, this morning I read an article from American Thinker that went viral in conservative circles throughout the day (read here). It is very positive and makes a number of great points. I encourage you to read it and share it. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to remind your friends and family that this isn’t over and encourage them to be optimistic. We need to support the President and each other. We won this election; we still have a path to the White House despite all the roadblocks. But we have to stay positive and maintain forward momentum. Tell everyone you know, we have an election to win.  

Nov. 7 – Biden Hasn’t Won Yet; Trump Has A Path(s)

The media called the election today, as many predicted would happen. As noted yesterday, the media and the Democrats were desperate to call it. They want to shift momentum to Biden and frame Trump as a sore loser, and worse, a despot attempting a coup. 

This election is still in play. Arizona is not fully in yet, and Trump continues to close his margin there. The latest results were still breaking for Trump with the margins he needs to close the gap and take the state. We’ll see. Georgia is going to go to a recount no matter what. Pennsylvania is a disaster zone…for the Democrats. I’m not sure if the 100,000 provisional ballots have been counted yet, but they hadn’t been counted when they called the election for Biden. Those could swing Trump back into the lead in PA. There is still so much at play. Are we looking at razor-thin margins? Yes. Has Biden won yet? No. If we could hold Georgia and Arizona outright, I think we could knock out Pennsylvania at SCOTUS.  This is the actual electoral map right now:

So, does Trump have a path forward? Yes. First of all, Trump could still win in a relatively traditional manner. Because remember, even though the media is demanding Trump concede, recounts in elections happen with relative regularity. People contest results and we go through processes to make sure everything is above board. 2020 is election insanity on an unprecedented scale (I think), but procedurally, this is not some crazy aberration in politics or elections. So, Trump might still be able to win traditionally, and I pray he does. But it might take more than that. 

If we lose Arizona and Georgia and Pennsylvania, then Trump will have to kick it up a notch.  He’ll need to block certification and pursue more aggressive measures to win. It should go without saying that I am advocating legal aggressive measures, but given the present circumstances, perhaps best to clarify. I hope he pursues some of those options sooner rather than later.

This election was stolen, and Trump needs to do everything in his power to expose that fraud—not just for himself, but for this country. Because the greatest wrong here is to every American who believes he or she lives in a country that is self-governed and self-determined. 

The Democrats have committed mass fraud. They know it; we know it; they know we know it. From our side of the aisle, we feel daunted by the prospect of proving fraud in court, and it is a difficult task. But, put yourself in blue shoes. Trump mobilized an incredible red wave. To beat that, the Democrats had to flood the zone to an absurd degree. Joe Biden has allegedly garnered over 73 million votes, blowing through Barack Obama’s former, record-breaking number of 69 million. C’mon man. Trust me, the Democrats-in-the-know aren’t getting any sleep right now. They’ve made a heck of a play and now they are holding their breath along a precipice, hoping their ledge doesn’t give way.   

If we are right, and this election was stolen, Trump has a path to victory if he has the stomach for it. Even more importantly, if we all have the stomach for it. If we demand integrity of the vote, he can more easily pursue it, and we will expose the fraud. If the American people throw up their hands and give up, Trump can’t do what he needs to do. 

And I really want to highlight that point—if we have the stomach for it. Because, if Trump exposes fraud and wins the election, the Left will get very, very ugly. Right now, Democrats across the country are toasting with champagne and celebrating their win. They are breathing sighs of relief and feeling like they can cut back on their Xanax a little. If we expose fraud and reclaim our rightful electoral votes, it will get vey dicey for a while in the United States. A lot of mainstream Republicans find that prospect too unsettling, and they’d rather just gracefully accept four or eight more years of Democrat rule. Beware the weak Republican…

History doesn’t make itself. Real people make real decisions and take concrete action that changes the world. We can change the world if we have the determination and the courage. Right now, we are writing history every day. Every day, with our actions, we decide if this will be an ordinary chapter of our quiet decline, or if we will write a more dramatic and more exceptional chapter—one that people will remember, read, and study. A chapter future Americans will reflect on and celebrate. For myself, I vote we change the world.

So, tonight the key is that this fight is not over. The action items remain the same: spread the word to friends and family, call your GOP leaders and ask them to step up and support the President, get out to any local rallies you can find, and as always…pray.  

See you tomorrow. 

Nov. 6th – Where We Are With GA, AZ, PA, & NV

It has been a long day and it is only 8:00pm. It has been a tough day, but I feel more hopeful right now than I did at 2pm. I spent an hour listening to Richard Baris (@peoples_pundit on Twitter) analyze the numbers around 6-7pm. I am going to give you the quick overview of what he said.  


For context, on election night, Trump was supposed to win Georgia by 11% or 6% at the least, if my memory serves. Now, Trump is down by about 4,000 votes.  

This afternoon, it was reported that most counties were in. Georgia said it was at about 99%. Fort Benning and Fort Stewart are outstanding. There are about 9,000 ballots there. Military votes generally break Republican. Everyone is expecting those 9,000 to be 2/3 for Trump. 

The problem in Georgia is that ballots just keep appearing. Yesterday, Georgia said 99% were in, now it is 95%. Tonight, the Georgia Secretary of State projected that Trump would win the state by between 300 and 500 votes once the military ballots are counted (that is when I posted on FB), and suddenly Rockdale County changed from 99% in to 95% in. Apparently, they have discovered more ballots! Quelle surprise. Richard Baris is now saying Trump might just squeak to a win with a hundred-vote margin. But, if ballots are just appearing, only God knows at this point. If Democrats can simply show up with newly found ballots, they will win everywhere they need to win. Which is what has been happening. 


Baris says Trump has a 50-50 of pulling this out. He is down 39,000 right now. Pima was supposed to go heavily for Biden, but it broke better for Trump than expected. Other areas didn’t do as well. All other analysis aside, Maricopa is the real key. There are (as of right now) 235,000 ballots there—mostly from suburban and rural areas of Maricopa. The ballots are provisional and election day ballots, which are statistically likely to be Trump. 

I will say that it is very strange how slow it has taken Apache and Navajo counties votes to come in. Again, there has been very little transparency on when the votes will be counted and numbers have shifted constantly.  

Meanwhile, the number of Trump voters in AZ who are saying they voted and have checked the status of their votes and the votes aren’t registering is huge. I’ve been getting messages all day. 


Trump is down 14,000 votes right now. Again, for context, Trump was up 800,000 on election night, which everyone said was insurmountable. The problem is, because of COVID and the ballots that were just mailed out, there is no accountability on how many ballots are actually out. They’ve just flooded in. 

Trump is down 14,000 votes in Pennsylvania today. The voter fraud in this state is historic. They’ve been shoring up Biden in the blue areas around Philly to get within striking distance to do massive dumps in Philly.

As I said yesterday, Philly is going to be a radioactive litigation zone. 100,000 ballots have been challenged; another 100,000 provisional ballots have to be counted and could break for Trump. The problem with all of this is, even if we see that the fraud is happening, we need evidence that can be presented to a court. There are a lot of people working on that, including James O’Keefe. He has a whistleblower U.S. postal worker who is prepared to testify under oath that he was directed to back-date ballots. 

The fraud in Pennsylvania is hard to even wrap your head around. The voter turnout in many of these counties is insane. Biden is winning places by blow-out numbers. The U.S. Supreme Court just ordered Pennsylvania to segregate all ballots received after 8pm on election day—but I hear many have already been mixed in. Nevertheless, the fraud is so outrageous here, I guarantee you Democrats don’t want it to come down to Pennsylvania; that is why Georgia has been targeted so heavily.


Trump is down 22,000 there. There is a narrow path, but it is there. Just like everywhere else, the numbers on how many ballots are out just keeps changing. I know there are some lawsuits ongoing in Nevada, although we just got slapped down on one of them. 

I won’t go into too many details here, but some segments of the RNC are betraying us. This is not surprising. As I wrote in my Federalist piece, Trump hijacked The GOP and they secretly would be just as happy to get rid of him.  The NeverTrumper’s dream is to keep the Senate (which we might not, by the way) and SCOTUS and finally dump Trump. So, there has been a lack of vigor from some quarters of the RNC and there has been downright betrayal in my mind.  We are fighting a heck of fight over here. 

Baris believes, and many agree with him, that everyone is waiting for Fox to call the election. I think that is true, because the Democrats are engaging in disinformation and psychological warfare. They want to declare Biden the winner, have all the media accept that he won, and then frame Trump as the one trying to bring about a coup—when it is they who have just perpetrated the most incredible voter fraud in American history. Trump was winning across the battleground states on election night. Fox prematurely called Arizona and then the Midwest battleground states refused to count anymore. While we were sleeping, at 4am, Trump’s leads in those major states all but evaporated, and have since continued to disappear. They want Fox to call it so it appears more legitimate. 

Ok, this is long enough. Lots of things are moving as I write. I haven’t seen Biden come out. He is either waiting for more votes to move, or they have decided they can’t make the announcement yet. Just remember, if the American people are vociferous enough on this, we will win. We just have to demand integrity of the vote. Biden was supposed to speak at 8pm to announce he won; it’s positive that he did not. It may come later in the night, but… any delay means there is uncertainty in his camp. There is a push for rallies in all the states tomorrow. If you can get out to one, I encourage you to do so. I might update more on Instagram tonight.

Arizona Looking Strong; Georgia “Bleeding Out”

Rich Baris gave an update on Arizona in the early evening (around 7pm EST). President Trump is out-performing expectations in Pima and Pinal counties. This is a very positive update and keeps him on track to win the state. Fox still refuses to rescind its call for Biden. 

As many have noted, though, Georgia is “bleeding out.” This afternoon Trump was up by 30,000 and that margin has narrowed to something like 3,000. These ballots are all coming from deep blue counties—DeKalb and Fulton, around Atlanta.  I’ve heard from an attorney on the ground there, and she tells me that the GOP lawyers in GA are strongly pro-Trump and fired up. There are 40-50 lawyers and they are in the field—not sitting around at the HQ. It sounds like they are doing the best they can. Georgia has better voting laws, e.g. all ballots had to be in by election day, as opposed to Pennsylvania, where they decided to permit votes to come in for days after the election (and they don’t even need to be postmarked!). I’m not an election lawyer, but I like that lay of the land much better. I think there will be a recount, regardless.  

Speaking of Pennsylvania, what a nightmare. Trump’s lead has dropped to below 43,000. Remember he was up by 800,000 on the 3rd. As Raheem Kassam tweeted this morning, they are just going to keep counting until Biden wins. Corey Lewandowski and Pam Bondi are in Philly. Today, Philly wasn’t letting GOP ballot-watchers in to observe the count. A court issued an order that the ballot-watchers had to be permitted to enter the building and observe. Lewandowski says not only did the officials at the convention center not obey the order, when the Trump team called the sheriff and asked him to come and enforce the order, he refused and said don’t bother calling back.  

Pennsylvania is both corrupt and it has bad voting parameters—any mail-in ballot that arrives by the 6th can be counted, and the PA Supreme Court said that even ballots without a postmark should “enjoy the presumption” that they were mailed by the deadline (the 3rd). Total insanity. Look, PA is going to be a radioactive litigation zone. Try not to stress too much about it; there are lawyers doing that for you. PA will go to the top—SCOTUS will decide it.

Trump finally made an appearance. The President spoke to the press from the WH briefing room. I loved the messaging—protect the integrity of the vote; Trump won; this election is being stolen… He took no questions, which might have been the best part of all. I say we cancel White House briefings in the second term. 

In other news, Steve Bannon’s War Room was deplatformed. The War Room Twitter account was banned and YouTube deleted the War Room videos and banned them, too. Big Tech censorship shutting down the conduits of solid information. Today, the Facebook group Stop the Steal, which had over 350,000 people (amassed in about 24 hours) was deleted by FB. BBC News reported that the reason it was deleted was that some posts in the group had advocated violence and/or civil war. It’s very plausible to me that someone posted something like that (please don’t advocate for civil war…ever), but shutting the whole group down is ridiculous. I also heard that the President’s tweet asking people to report incidents of voter fraud to a special White House hotline were deboosted, i.e. Twitter tweaked the algorithm so that tweet wouldn’t show up to as many people and wouldn’t move as quickly. I didn’t confirm whether that was true, but they are censoring people all over the place. I’ve said this before and I will say it again, Big Tech/mainstream-media delenda est

Finally, Don Jr. spoke tonight and condemned the national Republicans who are not using their prominent platforms to fight for the President, the Republic, and the integrity of the vote. This election is being stolen, very brazenly, in front of our eyes. Yet, all but radio silence from most prominent GOP leaders.  They could and should be using their platforms to tell the truth to the American people, to break through the mainstream media’s and Big Tech’s firewall and alert the American people that we are turning into a banana republic. Think about this: Biden has received more votes than any other candidate in American history. This is laughable if it were not so tragic. I like Don Jr.’s spirit here. We need people willing to very vocally stand their ground.

Conclusion. Keep pushing! Trump won; Biden lost. The MSM is all in for Biden, so the mainstream headlines and the electoral vote tallies are all going to look dire. That’s part of the narrative. It’s part of facilitating the steal. The path to pull this out is still there, and we have alternative routes, too. A topic for another post. What you can do is share the news with your friends and family, call your senators and tell them you expect them to speak up more aggressively and object to the ongoing disenfranchisement of our votes, and attend any rally/march planned in your area. We need to start mobilizing (peacefully) to concretely show the energy and support for the President. I am hoping to have some solid numbers for you tomorrow that will help you show to others what is going on.

Until tomorrow…